Friday, 25 March 2016


I was queuing up at an ATM at my local Sainsburys on the Great Cambridge Road.

The man in front of me walked off and headed across the car park and I approached the machine but as I was wrestling to get my debit card out of my pocket I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

There in the dispensing part of the machine was a bunch of notes, money, sticking out! There were around six notes in all, I am guessing a minimum of £40 was there, and I took the money out. 'Huh, that would be handy, what with me needing to buy a replacement camera' I thought to myself as I looked at it.

That is really not me though so I turned around to see where the guy had gone and saw him heading to a silver SUV. I headed over and he was putting something in the boot of his car. Oddly he kind of tapped the front right pocket of his jeans, as if reassuring himself the money was there. He seemed to be apprehensive about what he could feel and gave it another tap, as if he was just being sure.

He put his hand onto the tailgate of his car and looked at me as I was walking towards him with my hand held out.

He had not spotted the notes just yet when I said with a smile "Next time you use an ATM, I would take your money with you when you leave!" I said as he then glanced at the notes and his jaw dropped and eyes went wide.

He smiled back as he took the notes and said "Why, thank you very much!" and I replied it was not a problem and turned to head back to the ATM.

I thought I was the one with short term memory problems?!

Now I had a wait behind two people, damn why is being the good guy such a pain in the arse?


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