Thursday, 28 November 2013


Ooh dear. A remark about IQs? Dear me some if his must have deserted him just prior to opening his gate?!

Not a very BRIGHT thing to say Boris.

Are you suggesting it is genetic? That the Conservative Party are of some higher order in the tree of evolution? Maybe you refer to all MPs? Oh dear.

Well I have a fairly high IQ but I can guarantee you that everything about me, Boris, is not only on here but down to a failed and long since failing system ruin by cheats, liars, scum, evil and amoral people. That is government and at least 20% of all public office staff. All those in lower positions are low on the IQ front as far as I an concerned and from NT own experiences, lol. So no Boris you were not only a fool to say that but also way, way wrong.

Not looking good right now is it? Lol. Hmm can see why they refer to you as a buffoon.

Is Being A Banker Genetic? Boris Johnson Looks To Intelligence To Explain Equality Gap -

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