Friday, 29 November 2013


Well that of quite bizarre is it not?

For some years now we have started the conversion into worshiping and practising American ideals. I have stated for over a year on this blog that we now seem to be mostly under American ownership.

Now I spotted signs while I was out mentioning Black Friday bargains, had emails from UK firms about it too. I thought I was mistaken but here we have a report stating that Asda held Blah Friday deals?

We will be doing the Thanks Giving holiday next and in time the one that will appear really stupid....Independence Day! Lol.

For those that do not realise we will be celebrating how the Americans kicked our arses, lol. Something they are still big on celebrating despite the fact that they themselves are now trying to stealthily take under the world. Lol, turning into the very nation they tell other people they will not tolerate in other nations. Err like China right now.

That little spat in the East China Sea is not going to end will I can tell you. I love China and the people and its history as it is fantastic. But since World War 2 the Chinese government has become bitter over being screwed on each side by the west and Japan. They got a rough deal it if the whole thing to be honest and the name calling did not help. They fear a return to those days and are a little suspicious of everyone. I for one cannot blame them. To think that the west had been trying to won then over and then well this crap with Edward Snowden comes out?!

So what they are now is tetchy and edgy and the answer to it? Oh just fly a load if jets through immediately? Did they not complain about North Korea doing exactly that several times?

Do not do as we do, do as we say.

Fights break out at Asda as shoppers descend on Black Friday deals -

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