Friday, 29 November 2013


Oh bugger it!

I sent Capquest a little email without too much detail, I also did not tell them I had emailed to court with a copy of thier letter. You can check their highly ;aughable letter in my last post on here, lol.

But I could not resist the tekptation to be cocky and sarcastic along with speaking down to them, kind of a taste of their own medicine except I do not need to lie to do it, lol.


Dear Sirs


Yup nice try with the letter but I am afraid I can see right through it. I am not going to go into the nitty gritties of all this as you are fully aware of your own lies and tricks.

Intimidation does not work. All the tricks used I am well aware of. Your letter contains quite deliberate lies and trickery and I have no doubt that when you go back to Northampton County Court you fully intend to show a completely different letter to the one you sent me saying 'oh look how in the wrong he is'.

You are also a bunch of liars, but then I knew that already. In fact I was banking on you being just like all the others as this time I was fully prepared for it when they time came.

So I would umm go back to the drawing board and try again?! Or you could just send me another letter like the last one as I burst out laughing when I see it and really I should be thanking you as not only was I after something extremely good in black and white the letter I received was better than I could ever have dreamed of!

I also fully intended to embroiled in a number of Court Orders as I wanted to scrutinise their practice and involvement in corrupt actions by organisations such as yours. But despite me thinking this would happen with a number of public offices all of which are in the pipeline you provided me with some very good material a darned site earlier than I imagined!

So thanks. Also yeah go back and try again and you can try as much as you like but both you and Shop Direct are in the wrong. I also have a great deal that goes against your client, Shop Direct, which I made them fully aware of over forty times...but I guess they never told you that?

Oh one last thing, as for the credit reference agencies...go ahead as that is something else that plays into my hands to as like so many other corrupt parts of the British Society I fully intend to put a stop to them all.


Martin Haswell BSc

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