Friday, 29 November 2013


A terrible and bizarre disaster took place tonight in Glasgow.

There was done confusion over reports but from what I could garner it seems like their was a malfunction. The helicopter came down at an increased speed while rotating. It landed heavily on the roof of a pub before the roof gave way.

There was no explosion or fire and reporters seemed to get confused st differing accounts as did a helicopter pilot. One witness said it came down in a straight line while another side it came in on a slant. Well that would depends on your angle of view now would it not? If a witness was in the path, either behind or in front, it would look like it was dropping straight down. As the helicopter was rising it would be hard to tell.

Hats off to the people, including s seemingly thoroughly nice MP Jim Murphy. Instead of running away they all helped despite being aware there could be an explosion and confused that there was not. Or that there was not a fire.

This made it sound to be like the pilot cut the fuel line prior to hitting the ground. This is something a selfless pilot would do over built up areas. There may have even been a fire that caused him to cut the fuel line in the hope the fire would go out, rushing air doing the rest. This would prevent an explosion on landing or crashing. Again a selfless act.

I only hope that no one was killed. Shears wanted to visit Glasgow and always found Scots to be really nice people and had a few Scottish friends over the years.

I think it will turn out that the thump of the helicopter landing damaged the roof which then have way after the helicopter came to rest. Would also explain why there was no explosion.

Helicopter crashes into Glasgow pub roof -

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