Friday, 29 November 2013


Well I have a bloody great letter through my door!!

This was from Capquest concerning the Northampton County Court Order over the used and faulty phone from Very Catalogue.

It is a real beauty and I burst out laughing I can trell you. I then took the letter from the Court regarding the accepting of my defence along with the letter from Capquest to my friends store and showed them. First I showed them the pletter from the court and they were all 'ooh yeahhh!' and THEN I showed them the letter from Capquest where they then dropped their jaws and their eyes widened in disbelief. I then reminded them that they should check ALL dates on letters to the dates they arrived.

The letter from Capquest states several discrepencies...

1) The date on the letter os vastly different to the date of delivery by 6 days
2) They sent me a letter despite it being is the hands of the court by their own admission
3) But they state that I have NOT been in contact with the court and the deadline has passed
4) They then mention the real hated paret of all this in that they will go forth and affect my credit reference which has been done so many times and done illegally it is a complete joke, which you then have to pay someone for just to LOOK AT!!

Now what I plan to do is first off I have emailed Capquests letter to the County Court concerned. IN the email I have stated that this is a ploy to either intimidate me into paying, becuase they now realise they will lose. Or if I fail to respond to them they will then re-apply to the Court stating that they sent a letter and I ignored them to imply to the Judge that I am in the wrong and have something to hide.

I also state plauisble deniability.

Let it be known that I have already insinuated that the Courts could be corrupt and be awrae of all this. Also I informed them that I KNOW that their, Capquest, intention is to then likely show a letter with the heading but differeing content to the court adding to the insinuation I am in the wrong.

Now here is a scan of the letter from Capquest and I have edited it and sent it as you see it, minus my postal address on here, to the court. With my added notes.

After the scan I will copy and paste the EMAIL I sent to the court too.



Dear Sirs

Myself v CAPQUEST, REF: 

I have had correspondence from Capquest as you stated I would likely have. But there letter states the following discrepencies...

1) They state I have not contacted you
2) They once again try to intimidate and I do not converse with criminals and all these companies are and is well documented
3) They have manipulated the dates, something that I doscovered that tyhese do a long time past and I am the reason that this is now widely known as I contacted all national tabloids and even BBC Watchdog regarding it and with a pile of evidence 18 months ago or more after being attcked by JBW Group
4) Once again and why I originally wanted to counter claim is that these are criminal organisations that are allowed time and time again to alter your credit reference and as a result I have a poor one
5) Poor because the only bad credit reference that can be applied to me was through mis-selling, I am the ORIGINAL complainer regarding PPI via the FSA, is only down to my deterioation of my health. Otherwise all bad credit reference in the last 15 years is down to lies.

The letter is quite obviously sent knowing that I have submitted a defence as they would have no reason to correspond with me once I had a court order served upon me.

They also suggest that YOU will Judge in their favour.

I am well aware that they fully intended to send me that letter, knowing I will get angry and ignore them, if not intimidated into paying, so they can then claim to the Judge that they attempted to contact me and that I ignored them. So attempting, likely succesfully if I had ignored them, giving the impression that I am in the wrong here and have something to hide. Likely the one presented to the court will state something completely different to the one I received.

I have attached the letter from them. It contains some editing of my own.

This will be edited once again and shown in a public place.

I think now you can see that if I was a dishnonest person and capable of taking thigs that do not belong to me, defrauding people and companies that I possess the intelligence to become quite wealthy while the opposite is true currently. In fact I am now attempting to use my honesty to actually create a career of my own and have written two books based on my experiences.

I do not think that I need to add that this criminal defrauding of the court using this behaviour as prevented me from acquiring the tools to push forward the career I refer to in the last paragraph? I will also add that due to this I have had to spend many years at doing this due to this and lack of support from public offices and the government only interested in their own well-being and that I can now prove what health condition I am afflected with I have had for over 12 years now.

I look forward to your opinion upon this.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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