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Right now then...been working on this next bit for awhile now, since I discovered that I had Fibromyalgia.

Now I took recepeit of a couple of books the first I have had around two weeks and brand new and by a British author. Another was used, grubby and only arrived two days ago from America.

The latter book has a section in it for you to do a checklist of a run-down if symptoms which I will get to in a minute. The book is tiitled...

by Mary J. Shomon

Now I warn you now I got a real shock here. I have many, many problems but due to the major ones I do not really speak of the ones that are merely a pain in my arse, quite literally at times so it seems.

Now this CHECKLIST was absolutely astoundingly long.... I MEAN REALLY LONG. Now I will list the ones that affect me personally but there are another 30% more at least that do not apply to me.

I put in some funy comments and sometimes point out ones that are rare or do not have any more. Also you will note that some have the words 'Eleven Point Rule' in brackets as the author refers to the fact that in a particular section Fibromyalgia sufferers have at least, you guessed it, ELEVEN of them.

There is a section on a checklist of symptoms and here I have includud only the ones that I experience...

Those that the long list of really bad GPs and Specialists should have spotted are all in capital letters in brackets stating (ON MY [MEDICAL] RECORD)!

I am sure you can all come to your own cocnlusions regarding the NHS and the long list of hospitals, GPs, Sopecialists and others that have managed to miss this for way more than 13 years now, lol?

  1. Irritible Bowel Syndrome (ON MY RECORD)
  2. Mood Disorder (ON MY RECORD)
  3. Nasal Problems (ON MY RECORD)
  4. Ear Problems (ON MY RECORD)
  5. Fatigue (That is unexplained medically) (ON MY RECORD)
  6. Substantially Impaired Memory Problems
  7. Sore Throats (ON MY RECORD)
  8. Tender Neck
  9. Muscle Pains (ON MY RECORD)
  10. Headaches of Differing Types (ON MY RECORD)
  11. Unrefreshing Sleep (ON MY RECORD)
  12. Pain in Multiple Joints (ON MY RECORD)
  13. Pain for three months (ON MY RECORD)
  14. Pain base of skull left and right sides (Eleven Points)
  15. Pain midway between neck and shoulders (Eleven Points) (ON MY RECORD)
  16. Pain in Muscles over shoulder blades (Eleven Points) (ON MY RECORD)
  17. Pain in Hip Bones (Eleven Points) (ON MY RECORD)
  18. Pain in Buttocks (Eleven Points) (ON MY RECORD)
  19. Pain in Knees (Eleven Points) (ON MY RECORD)
  20. Pain in Upper Chest Bone (Eleven Points Rule)
  21. General Muscle Pains (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  22. General Joint Pains (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  23. Stiffness in Morning (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  24. Joint stiffness after maintaining same position for a long time (Eleven Points Rule)
  25. Pain in Upper Back (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  26. Pain in Lower Back (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  27. Pain in the Middle of Back (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  28. Pain in Neck and Shoulders (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  29. Pain carrying a Shoulder Bag (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  30. Sensetive nipples (stop laughing!!) (Eleven Points Rule)
  31. Aching Pelvis (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  32. Pain in hip that radiates down the LEG (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  33. Sciatica (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  34. Pain in tailbone, Coocyx (Eleven Points Rule) I get confused about the 18 areas after this as it just continues on...
  35. Pain or cramps when you write or type (ON MY RECORD)
  36. Carpal Tunnel like pains (was tested for this) (ON MY RECORD)
  37. Difficulty holding things (saucepan in right hand) (ON MY RECORD)
  38. Muscle Cramps (wake up screaming unable to talk) (ON MY RECORD)
  39. Muscle Spasms (twitching can happen often)
  40. Recurring tension headaches (ON MY RECORD)
  41. General tiredness (ON MY RECORD)
  42. Fatigue (ON MY RECORD)
  43. Fatigue alternating with normalcy 
  44. Extreme Exhaustion (seldom luckily)
  45. Fatigue not relieved by rest
  46. Flulike Body Fatigue (lost count of times thought I had flu but did not)
  47. Exhaustion after physical and mental stress
  48. Morning FOG (this that explains a lot)
  49. Restless Legs (caffeine makes this worse) (ON MY RECORD)
  50. Restless ARMS (see above) (ON MY RECORD)
  52. Early waking (went through a year waking up exactly 4am after my father died(ON MY RECORD)
  53. Feeling like you cannot take a full breath
  54. Feeling like you need to Yawn to take a full breath
  55. Sinus night time stuffiness (raid 99p store for sinus sprays) (ON MY RECORD)
  56. Thick nasal congestion that is difficult to clean (ooh boy so glad to see this one I was)
  57. Trouble swallowing (ON MY RECORD)
  58. Lump In Your Throat
  59. Impaired attention spand (like you would not believe)
  60. Poor Memory (ON MY RECORD)
  61. Poor Memory (sorry could not resist that, lol)
  62. Short term memory (and cannot remember what you went to the store for)
  63. Easily distracted (yes so I said to him I am gonna knock you...oh wait a minute! LOL)
  64. Remebering things you have seen
  65. Word substitution
  66. Feelings or worthlessness (ON MY RECORD)
  67. Anxiety (ON MY RECORD)
  68. Panic attacks (increased heart rate) (ON MY RECORD)
  69. Claustrophobia
  70. Sensation of burning feet (years ago for about a year)
  71. Numbness or Tingling sensations (ON MY RECORD)
  72. Sensetive to temperature changes
  73. Sensitive to changes in the weather (ON MY RECORD)
  74. Sensitive to changes in humidity (ON MY RECORD)
  75. Sensitivity to cold hands
  76. Sensitivity to lights and brightness
  77. Sensetivity to flourescent lights
  78. Night blindness (oncoming cars on single carriageways)
  79. Eye floaters
  80. Dry Mouth (Mostly when waking)
  81. More frequent cavities (are you SERIOUS?! LOL) (ON MY RECORD)
  82. Gum Disease (ON MY RECORD)
  83. Bruxism (Tooth Grinding)
  84. Cliking and Painful Jaw (ON MY RECORD)
  85. Pain in temples
  86. Toothaches unexplained by dental problems
  87. Irritible Bladder
  88. Diarrhea (ON MY RECORD)
  89. Constipation (ON MY RECORD)
  90. Diarrhea and Constipation ALTERNATING (oh my...GOD!) (ON MY RECORD)
  91. Bloating
  92. Nausea (ON MY RECORD)
  93. Indigestion (ON MY RECORD)
  94. Heartburn (ON MY RECORD)
  95. Stomach Ulcers (ON MY RECORD)
  96. Hypoglycaemia known as Fibroglycaemia
  97. Dizziness (ON MY RECORD)
  98. Dizziness on Rising and Moving (ON MY RECORD)
  99. Vertigo
  100. Dizzyness triggered by patterns in floors
  101. Clumsiness
  102. Spilling food or Drink while eating or drinking
  103. Fainting (ON MY RECORD)
  104. Dry Skin, Peeling skin (ON MY RECORD)
  105. Acne (ON MY RECORD)
  106. Ridges in fingernails
  107. Swollen feeling in abdomen or side
  108. Heart palpatations, skipped heartbeats
  109. Rapid heartbeat (ON MY RECORD)
  110. Chest Wall Pain … Costochondryitis (ON MY RECORD)
  111. Tinnitus (ON MY RECORD)
  112. Decreased Appetite
  113. Increased Thirst
  114. Carbohydrates Cravings especially sweets
  115. Attracting Mosquitoes
  116. Insect Bites become more swollen and hard
  118. Physical Injuries (TWO CAR ACCIDENTS)
  119. Toxic Exposure (Mercury)
  120. Severe Life Stress (ON MY RECORD)
Oh and I am STILL awaiting my new GP surgery, LMAO!

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