Friday, 29 November 2013


Well it seems someone took notice of my notes on charities among all my data?

I really do go to town on many subjects as I do trend to have this annoying ability to sense when something is not right?! Or you could day a great sense if shell when it comes to large rodents but I will not say the word Rat, oops! Lol.

So it seems there is a Panorama program that had been going through a battle about whether it will be aired or not!

Cannot say I am surprised as the one group of people who would not want to appear on TV as regards cheating for cash due to it looking very bad are the Charities! Only people more worried than these people are those who were friendly with Jimmy Savile, err or Dave Lee Travis, or Gary Glitter, umm or Rolf Harris etcetera, etcetera?!

Well my LIST really does seen rip be getting a work through? Let us hope it us a serious and thorough one and not just going through the motions as all the tax rip off ombudsman do?!

I wonder what will be the next couple of things to hit the media on my long list? About time someone got the skinny on what I have been saying about the NHS? Maybe the DWP? Or a big reveal regarding SERCO perhaps? Who knows?

Will be interesting nevertheless!

BBC to air controversial Panorama investigation into Comic Relief -

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