Thursday, 31 January 2013


Well what do you know?!

Forgotten about these but they did try to ring yesterday...

Rang back today and these are the ICE Department, Independent Case Examiners, that no one seems to know about but me?!

Note how she states that they are supposed to investigate Job Centres although it needed a Channel 4 Documentary to reveal that some serious miscarriages of justice and LIES were going on?!

The file is edited to take out answers to security questions it was requested of me to set up.

Despite my want now to walk away from this I do have to remember that this blog WAS initially set up just so that I could store my data publicly for many reasons and one so that I can direct people here when I need to...

...but when it became all consuming and I thought I was being the hero by getting carried away I would end up writing lengthy passages about each thing!

As it has become obvious this is a waste of time I will just post my odd gatherings until a time when I do not need to anymore, I would imagine around April, oddly enough.

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