Sunday, 13 January 2013


The same night I was told about the Prime Minister's appearance at the end of my daughter's street with the BBC, the backwater from beyond basically, I also heard of two people who were stabbed and died in Birmingham.

These were Big Issue sales people and in all honesty the report did not state any more than that but I knew as I am sure did many others that these two people were foreigners?!

To be honest as well as my predictions as to this taking place and that the government either firstly knew or secondly are fucking incompetent, I often see these people down in the High Street in Enfield and in all honesty I thought that in the last 2 years they have blatantly been put in harms way and that it was only a matter of time before something like this took place.

I also think it is just the beginning and it is only a shame that more did not read this blog. To the people that run the Big Issue Magazine I can only shake my head at the absolute insanity that has taken place. You give a bunch of foreign people, who the British Public are growing ever more fed up with, a bunch of your magazines to sell and place them in High Streets in very busy areas were 95% of the people are probably walking around without the money to buy the things they want, or worse still NEED, and these people come into your face more or less begging for money?!

Fucking stupid and blindly naive!! You should be ashamed of yourselves as your relentless never ending whining like those of Socialists to be correct fails yet again to take in human nature and you have ignored the basic fundamental principles that have cost two people their lives!

Now are you STILL DOING THAT?!?! This is what I would like to know!

These people also do themselves no favours that carry the Big Issue as they do come up to you whether or not your surrounded by marauding children or hobbling along with a walking stick and wave the Magazine in your face... like I said it comes across as more like begging and was a stupid idea in the first place but no doubt it gave a bunch of people the ability to sleep nights with smiles on their faces and a warm butterfly like feeling in their stomachs that they are doing their bit to rid the world of evil thought...

...until it went inevitably wrong that is!

Maybe I am wrong as I know nothing of the Big Issue Magazine maybe it is just a case of simple exploitation I do not know. Are they Socialists blinded by a odd urge to do anything that can be perceived by the world at large to DO GOOD until it is realised it is bad?! I have no idea all I knew was that whenever I see these people I thought first stupid idea and then crap idea and hmm maybe that is a very bad idea to thee lives could end up in danger idea and 'oh crap!'

I had thought ... no HOPED that if enough people would pass on this blog that scenes like that would not take place but unfortunately this happened too late, if it happens at all of course, for the two in Birmingham. Hopefully those others around may realise that this is the start and that it will only get worse from now on and that Britain is not Great and most importantly NOT the safest place to be right now.

We can but hope.

I also hope that there is no more like that but somehow I fear it will not be unfortunately.

Successive governments will reap what they have sowed but unfortunately innocent lives will be lost in the process if things continue along the path they are on. This will then bring on anger when the 'angry mob' which has now grown exponentially in size realise they have been taking it out, or taking the lives, of people that were innocent and then focus on those that are realising that they could have acted at ANY TIME in the last 3, 4, 5, 6 years?!?!

Of course there will be an amount of guilt thrown into the mix too from realising they were wrong. But maybe ... just maybe it might be that those that read this blog and disregarded it did not act accordingly so to 'enlighten' as many as they could to the truth.

Now there in a nutshell is everything that is wrong with the UK and this 'Looking after Number One' attitude that never works. You cannot fight a war alone you dumb fucks!! No one passes relevant information on until it lands on their doorsteps and affects them directly and then its a case of realising ... 'oh its my fault ... if only I had done a little more ... tried a little harder ... been a bit more helpful ... a little more courteous.. ' etcetera, etcetera.

When I recently posted that I KNEW my blog numbers were being manipulated I did explain that I had known for sometime now. I also stated that i am not even receiving the money you are supposed to be paid, from Google.

Now first off this 'missing' money from the numbers I DO HAVE TO HAND is not alot and indeed not enough to actually PAY ME. In fact it would only make it a little less then a third of the amount to trigger a payment. But then I never started this blog for money anyway. It was a couple of weeks after I started it before I realised you can get paid.

So thus far I have done it for nothing ... nada ... zero ... zilch!! Way over 300 posts, all the running around, getting gadgets I need, planning, luring, setting traps, running around the country, keeping scanning documents, tricking the Police, NHS and all the others that I have along the way.

It could turn out I never will get paid anything at all but that would not change a habit of a lifetime for me. My history is littered, and I do mean LITTERED, with people who were so-called friends only to turn on me secretly and use me in many different ways. Some of these would stand around and bitch like a collection of miserable old spinsters with nothing better to do.

What would bring on all this? Nothing really only what I can do and my level of knowledge would bring on a rising tidal wave on envy and jealousy beyond the boundaries of reality. Did I want this? No of course I did not! Was I happy about it? No! Every single time it hurt, every single time and it mattered not whether I let on or not.

That was the nature of the beast, the evil in my life. Only found in a biblical notation that I had long thought meaningless and pointless and in the ten commandments of all things and it has taken me 30 years to realise what they were on about!

So many may wonder over time why then I do this? Because I will not become party to this and when I have moaned about people that I have known it is because of an injustice that they themselves have caused me. I was also privy to the things that they said and WHAT they said because as many as there were queueing up for the day they would see me proved wrong on something, one individual actually used those EXACT WORDS TO ME, others were informing me of what was being said because they wanted to impress me or just become a better friend or mate.

Yes my story and my history is a somewhat long and complicated one but I have been very aware of it at all times with the odd shocks and upsetting surprises here and there. But I can tell you this...

Out of all the people around me and everyone that I know they have all but one thing in common ... they failed repeatedly and collectively to understand one thing ... what all this was like for me?

Sooo I did not want to be part of that. I did not want to be just another person sitting around moping and moaning with no idea at all why I was moping or whether or not I was moaning about the correct things that brought failure to my own life. I can tell some still do not quite 'get it' and think that someone should be happy never knowing and that I should learn to live with it?

Well to learn how to live with something you first need to know what it is otherwise the whole statement becomes null and void. Secondly and as far as I can tell I have not requested the answers to the age old question...


...and until such a time that this is the only answer that I MYSELF am not aware of I will keep gathering the answers for the my friends is not only human nature but has become the very nature of my life that has led me right up to this moment. This VERY precipice that I am at now and the safety that my daughter is in and the help that I have brought to others and those I have yet to help have all become possible because of this, so no I am NOT going to change. Nor will I stop. There is far too much good needed to be done in the world and i am doing but a small part of it. Only the beginnings but a beginnings all the same.

Tell me ... what have YOU done in your life lately?

You really DO need to read the blog, the whole blog as otherwise I have to quote another age old saying and that is a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing...

...what in YOUR life is currently more important than the TRUTH?!

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