Thursday, 3 January 2013


I am currently recording but typing this while my daughter is trying to get some information from ... umm somewhere, lol.

The High Court Hearing is on the 18th January so a day over two weeks from today so would be a Friday.

I cannot wait to hear of the opinions of my daughter's solicitor over all this I really cannot as if you remember he had never seen a case like this before and never had any of his partners so ... it stands to reason that along the way he will be privy to things he has not seen or heard before and I thought that this could be an interesting line of information that could put the last pieces of the puzzle in.

It could also transpire that he himself may realise certain ... facts and mention these to my daughter. Well I say facts but maybe the word 'concerns' would be more apt and possibly even 'SHOCKING' would not be beyond the realms of possibility .. in fact I fully expect this quite unfortunately.

The phone call cut off so I have converted and uploaded this second part...

Yes OK so there WILL BE a part THREE as I am still unaware of certain ... FACTS.

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