Saturday, 12 January 2013

David Cameron, my Daughter & MP

Well that was an unexpected thing to be informed of?!

I received a text tonight from my daughter asking if I saw David Cameron on TV on the news standing on a bridge at the end of her road?!

She trips me I might see her on TV and she DID meet her MP and he wants to see her again!

What a curious turn of events? The MP if Frank Field, I shamefully, or not as the case may be, failed to know who he was when my daughter told me she was meeting him day before yesterday. Err or yesterday?! Lol.

In an area that is like that back of beyond that most government had forgotten about, umm if that not most areas these days, a mere matter of days before high court and just after meeting an MP, not to mention Michael Meacher soon to do whatever he us planning to do, David Cameron appears at the end of my daughter's road?!

Hmm ...bizarre...very bizarre indeed and extremely interesting not to omit TELLING?!


My daughter thought it might be on YouTube but unable to find anything.

Odd after my divulging that I know this blog had been manipulated, I exchanged emails with an MP and my daughter meet Frank Field either yesterday or the day before. High Court this Friday coming, a conference held with journalists being the topic and the Prime Minister appears at the end of my daughters street in The Wirral?

Am I seeing the first signs of the whites of their eyes?

Well they cannot complain I gave then every opportunity and despite this latest event it is only the beginning...

...they ain't seen NOTHING YET!!

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