Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Well I have decided to reveal that I have LONG SINCE noticed the factor of ten link on each of my twelve blogs on twelve different subjects between the number of posts to the number of viewers.

These numbers are not possible. You cannot have this link across twelve different subjects as the popularity from one would be quite different from the next in line.

But it not only DOES this but does it across twelve blogs whose postings number anywhere from 8 up past 50 and on until around 350 posts and yet this factor of ten not only persists but has done for several months now.

Now you also have to consider that out of all the blogs one and one alone has been very heavily promoted my myself on all the big name website, err this one, and appeared on the Home Page of the Daily Record Newspaper's website!!

Making the impossible even more impossible!!

Added to this that money is supposed to be accrued and yet that has not flinched in months as the current 22p should me more like £16?!

A blogger should get £2 for every 1000 viewers and yet I have had over 4,000 just on this blog and I have 11 others with the next best one being over 500 viewers currently.

So that does not make any sense at all either!

So the numbers are being influenced somehow but exactly WHO or WHY I have no idea presently but I have posted a question in a public forum, posted things on my Facebook Wall and emailed Google about it.

Manipulation of these numbers is illegal and tantamount to fraud for one thing.

So the proverbial tree has been shook and let us see what rotten fruit falls forthwith?!


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