Thursday, 24 January 2013


Well, well, well what do we have here?

My GP failed to mention he had sent a letter out to me when he told me he had referred me, odd too considering how dismissive he was when I was there on the previous occasion and how also he was reluctant to go along with the Charcot Marie Tooth Disease theory of mine.

Odd then that he tells me to make sure I inform them when I go of the CMT?! Hmm curious indeed and I do have to wonder just where this Rabbit hole will lead me.

One thing is for sure and that is that this journey will reveal all to me and I will be right there recording it as ever I have been!!

This is a back-up plan that I really do hope I do not need on this occasion but in all honesty there is a good and valid reason that more people should do this, it is easier to remain calm and not want to literally kick their arses around the hospitals or clinics even though most of them are deserving of it...

...if I know I am being fed lies and bullshit I can grin because I know i am getting it all down and it goes up on here, just part of my little tricks.

Only yesterday I was speaking to my sister at length about this and she asked me again how I had managed to quit smoking and I did go to lengths to explain how... the end up I concluded that I am the public offices and all of governments worst nightmares all rolled into one but the irony of it all is that it was THEY that created me!! She laughed at this which was good as she had been expressing her hopes and fears with the latter outweighing the former by five to one!

So it is not only me you see that has been through this kind of thing and has happened to a great many people of which I am but one. I will admit though that I have been through quite a list of things and I shudder to think of anyone going through all the things I did or even just fated to do so. It is inhumane and completely unnatural of any society claiming to be civilised.

The letter...

NOTE: I thought it odd he signed it and sent it and immediately struck me that scanning and posting someone's signature is likely to be extremely illegal so I blocked out 90% of it!

Just maybe that occurred to others besides me and that signature struck me as awfully big... don't you think?!


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