Saturday, 5 January 2013


OK right now I have been toying with whether to post this or not due to embarrassment...not to mention nauseating for the reader.

But it is important due to he previous statements and beliefs... Beliefs?! HA!

Currently I am in pain. Twice today I was in extremely severe pain and the first bout lasted several hours.

The second..oh my God! To leave out the gory details I was constipated and stick in the loo. All day! I also suffer from haemerrhoids too and both played a part eventually. Even in the first bad session earlier I was tempted to ring 999 but I did not and turned to my own drastic measures.

After I text my brother, or one of them, who does not live far, and he was king enough to bring me Ex Lax and a tin of Prunes, bloody hell Ex Lax really IS chocolate? Lol.

I are the Prunes and are couple of the ExLax. An hour later I had the urge to go and was still in pain but could not hold it...

Something passed but the pain was severe and I started to breath heavily, get very nauseous and felt like I was having a heart attack before waking up on the floor a few minutes later. Dazed and confused would be an understatement!

My phone was nearby and I rang 999 and was told that someone would either phone back our an ambulance would turn up. The woman on the phone cringed when I started I also suffer from haemerrhoids and she then said "ooh, you poor dear!!" Lmao!!

NHS Direct then called me and also felt my pain. I was told that the ExLax would now cause me problem and that I seriously needed a supository and that they would call an emergency doctor who would bring me a prescription top my home. Handy I thought as I cannot sit not walk.

About an hour later I got a call from Barndoc and was not impressed as I had dealt with them previously and called then incompetent idiots. Could not remember why I did that but...

A woman told me I needed supository and that she would make an appointment for 10.30pm, it is 9.09pm now. Now remember I've now eaten Prunes and a double dose if ExLax. She told me that I needed to get to Chase Farm Hopital 2 miles away at the top of a hill?! I said I was unable to do that due to not only the pains I have, what pains I already had and what I had eaten and was told a prescription would be dropped off. My brother even offered to pick it up and get it. "No sir e don't do that and I don't know WHY they told you that" after done bickering I am left here petrified I will have a repeat of earlier and still in pain where you least want it!!

I decided NOT TO CALL HER ALL THE NAMES UNDER THE SUN, but after coming off the phone I realised I had the same issue with them the last time about 3 years ago!!


They were also a but shocked that I had a history of this yet was prescribed nothing for it! In fact I was asked twice by one woman!

In fact I was told later in conversation, so she contradicted herself or lied, that only CANCER PATIENTS are picked up which is a little strange as my late friend Kenneth Walter Bunn was dying of cancer and went down hill quickly, an AMBULANCE failed to pick him up for an operation, due to a bus or tube strike, and died a week later in terrible pain and I had to look after him as the person they were sending to his house was an idiot and could not even pronounce Oxycotin?! She also did not know what it was for either and walked to his door like she had broken her leg while being 35 minutes late?!

I genuinely thought she was a local woman who had broken her leg!

That is the care you get in the NHS around Enfield!

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