Monday, 28 January 2013


 The Fury in a Twilight World

The time is 5.10 in the afternoon and as I sit here I listen to the rain that lashes against the windows that span out before my seated position.

Ten minutes ago I was not here! I was heading here from my Town Centre because sometimes naïve people that think themselves intelligent utter things that are completely wrong but instead of NOT being argumentative and NOT insisting they are correct despite not having any more than gut FEELINGS about it to go on I am forced to respond. I also stated that if this attitude is not dropped this country is finished! I did not state all that I did and bare all that I did for a bloody laugh!!

So after some revealing things coming out in the last few days I was out because of people that think nothing of it had caused me to lose time and waste days that are precious to me while they are at it. This also causes me discomfort and pain and today resulted in me having to retrieve items I should have gotten days before…

While out the rain lashed and the wind sped along blowing all manner of articles about the place, I visited my friends store and told him and his wife at what had taken place to their shock. They shook their heads and I said I wondered why I bothered…

Leaving there and bidding my farewells the weather had become worse and I managed to get the the supermarket but now somewhat moist and the wind and rain getting stronger. I manage to acquire two lots of Brie Cheese and the 4 pints of milk I annoyingly ran out of, along with a halved cucumber. As I left I had noticed the wind had increased much more so and the tall office building situated alongside and covered in canvas was being whipped and ripped about that caused noises akin to a bad thunderstorm!

I opened up my Dunlop Umbrella with the hope of stopping the lashing rain from striking me head on while returning home?! It did not help a great deal but the thoughts of the rain turning to large hail as it had done the day before forced me to keep the Umbrella open. While turning into t road that leads to my own the rain got heavier and the wind got stronger still.

As I pressed on with my return journey there was the beginnings of a faint roar from my right and I realised the wind had become quite strong. It did not dissipate and instead increased in volume until the roaring was ringing and deafening to my ears and I glanced to see trees bending over almost doubled looking like Bananas! All of s sudden there was snap and my large Umbrella had been torn inside out so badly that it went straight and pencil like. It looked quite bizarre as it stretched out before me.

As I walked I thought about the, what should have been obvious, set of circumstances that had led me to be out in this vile weather and furious with myself, as well as those that caused it, as to why I was there at all. I then realised that in my frustration, discomfort and increasing pain that I had left behind my change in the self-service machine that amounted to £2.00!! My fury increased and with the wind and rain lashing me to the extremes and rain running down my face and neck before reaching my chest I stopped and looked skywards in anger and disbelief.

I had allowed myself to become entangled with others, others that do not see and yet think their eyesight 20/20?! I knew it was not and despite a very intense internal struggle to NOT get involved in certain aspects I did and even allowed myself to believe what some told me though I not only already knew it would had rather different conclusions still allowed myself to think that something positive might take place. Because people that speak to me that think they know things they cannot possibly do I gave the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong to do that and in all honesty you cannot teach the teacher but if you do not listen, or read, you will therefore NOT learn anything.

So over time thousands of people go around making lucking noises like that of a chicken and someone comes along and tries to tell them they need to bark like a dog and they agree and yet they continue to cluck away regardless. You try to tell them over time that clucking like a chicken will do no good and yet they continue to cluck. You provide enough clues often only expressed as doubts when I know my thoughts to be fact as people do not like someone that actually has all the answers and I do not want to offend them. I provide enough clues scattered all around and yet they STILL do not join up the dots.
I did not go back for my £2.00 change, yes I had considered it but on thinking about it and the discomfort and pain I was feeling along with the weather I convinced myself it would not be there anyway…

…now I wonder how much a tropical island actually costs?!

You place the evidence before them and they refuse to believe. You expect them to be so concerned for their family and friends that they inform them so that they have the same knowledge but that does not occur. Maybe they are still all too wrapped up in too many material things despite the news bulletins telling everyone in a roundabout way that unless wealthy already you might as well kiss them goodbye!
A twilight world I hear people ask? Because I do everything to inform everyone while I cannot seem to get the simplest things told to me and find them out much later and only piecemeal. This even seems to happen when I request someone lets me know!

I guess it seems that I am not important enough therefore this blog looks to be a waste of my time.

I bark while they continue to cluck.

It is easier teaching PARROTS!

Anyone know of any islands going cheap?!

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