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In my last post I had forgotten something that was vitally important but this has turned out to be OK because it has allowed me time to give this some serious thought.

Now remember I strongly believe I and my family may suffer from Charcot Marie Tooth Disease which leads to muscle weaknesses and not joints. I should also point out, provided I have not remarked on this already which I probably have and there is also likely AUDIO of me stating it to health professionals, is that I have always been confused that I get all these aches and pains but NEVER is it in a joint, closest being this painful clicking in my ankles but now and then.

Well in my research I discovered something else and along the lines of my remarks that if the CMT has affected my back then this could have caused problems with the Vagus Nerve which affects your breathing, emotional response (like fight and flight responses or fear and anger), along with heart rate and swallowing. As I also stated that compressed 'enough' it can cause sweating (had told Doctors I had problem with this few years back) fever type symptoms, low blood pressure and feeling like a heart attack and bad enough passing out.

Well there is another physical condition that can cause pressure on this Vagus Nerve and it just so turns out that this is something that NOT ONLY DO I HAVE but have requested an operation for it for over twenty years now and is spoken about throughout these posts and down to my involuntary vomiting?!?!

Remember I was REFUSED the operation and the very odd thing is that like one or two others this condition is normally associated with senior citizens!!

Now I shall go into detail about how and WHEN I first suffered from this condition and I was in my late teens. Around 16 I had just returned from living in Brighton where I was forced, by the government, while there to join the Youth Training Scheme, as it was known back then. This YTS was based in Marmion Road in Hove and eventually I was placed with a removal firm called GB Liners.

Only when I returned from living in Brighton, or Portslade to be more precise, I started suffering with heartburn that over time become more painful and a lot more frequent. It became so bad that my grandmother urged me strongly to register with my FIRST ever Doctor as an adult, called Doctor Tennekoon, who was also her GP though she hardly saw him.

I did and over time I was given drug after drug after drug, so this would have been around 1988-ish, and eventually I had to demand that he refer me to hospital which he did. After series of tests and the FIRST of TWO Endoscopy's, the other many years later, and a Barium Meal Scan it was discovered that I had a Hiatus Hernia.

For the next twenty years I asked various GPs, every single time I had a new GP or new clinic even, about having the operation but was told it would never be performed even though my original hospital Doctor (Dr White) at Whipps Cross Hospital thought I needed it while he openly admitted that the specialist, a Mr Pietroni (if I recall his name correctly) thought I did not! I also and may have mentioned it on this blog that when the Barium Meal was being performed I heard a Doctor, who was standing behind a seated nurse both looking at the monitor, state CLEARLY ... and I QUOTE "I have never seen one that size before?!"

Now I asked about this statement when I went saw various people afterwards but never got an answer and was told they did not know what I was talking about. Also I have no idea to what that Doctor referred to. It may well have been the Hernia itself or could have been something else as on this type of scan I dare say they get to see a fair deal?!

So imagine my shock when I find a website where it was being talked about that a Hiatus Hernia can place pressure on this Vagus Nerve. Also consider that I have often referred to the fact that I can vomit involuntarily and that I was told this was down to the Hiatus Hernia by Doctors but had NEVER read about this myself?! I was told this was Oesophagitis Grade C and I thought no more about it.

But the vomiting feeling I had Saturday night was identical to the vomiting I get from time to time and sometimes several times a day only this time it was combined with strong feelings of other things I often get from time to time like the blacking out, which I have done in local Sainsburys from time to time (have done for years and was told it was cannabis use the FIRST TIME?!), Nausea, Fatigue and SWEATING!! ALL SYMPTOMS I HAVE EXPERIENCED FOR YEARS IN MILDER FORM and never all together like they did Saturday.

Well now is that not interesting?!

The Hiatus Hernia can place pressure on the Vagus Nerve which itself can explain half of the symptoms I have had for years. The Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, itself could be the or indeed combined culprit, eventually affects your back and this is where the vast majority of the Vagus Nerve is to be found.


So how is it that this nerve, despite all the symptoms I have told Doctors over the years and feeling like I am sounding like a Hypochondriac, has NEVER EVER been mentioned in ANY conversation over all these years with all these so called experts quick to roll their eyes at you?!

Interestingly is that the Hiatus Hernia was not the ONLY hernia I had and one other that popped up, quite literally in fact, was my Inguinal Hernia which can easily kill you by causing Gangrene, was IMMEDIATELY operated on to my shock and horror and I even stated to my current GP, Dr Debbie Dressler, well I have asked for my Hiatus Hernia to be operated on for 20 years and told no, so why so quick to operate on this .. to which she said this one will kill you!

Indeed when I was checked over prior to the operation I was told that the muscle wall in my LEFT groin were also week and that I would have to come back and have a mesh placed in that side too before I get ANOTHER INGUINAL HERNIA?!

At this point I thought 'what the feck is going on with me?!'

Oddly I never got called back for the other side of my groin, curiously especially after what I was told. I also always said that it was all these little areas that seem to get affected and that my ligaments and tendons seem to not be 'all that'.

So now with some careful thought it has become much clearer to my understanding as to what is going on but GPs, and I mean ONE AFTER THE OTHER, have been quick to REFUSE ME POINT BLANK and without so much as batting an eyelid a referral for an operation?!

Indeed if you recall that my current GP asked me to come back in a couple of weeks time when I remarked about the Oesophagus and my vomiting as, and I QUOTE "THAT NEEDS TO BE SORTED OUT!" and I walked out of my current clinic thinking that after all these years I was finally going to have the operation that eluded me for so long?!?!?! I was over the moon!

But just as I have stated so many, MANY times on here an about face was to be performed with an air of nervousness to. When I went back and I MAY have recorded this I said "but you told me to come back as my vomiting and Hiatus Hernia needs to be sorted out?! That is WHY I am here and now you are saying there is NOTHING you can do and cannot refer me after telling me that was what you wanted to do?!"

Indeed when he originally asked me to come back he uttered the exact same words he did when i walked out of his clinic the last time, the time he contradicted himself, and I QUOTE "We WILL get to the bottom of this!"

I think now that they have got to the bottom of this a very long time ago and that I cannot believe that THAT MANY health professionals can be that naive and THAT STUPID! I think they have been under instruction for the longest time NOT TO ADMIT TO ME what was really wrong!

Of course when it come to why there are a couple of possible reasons and I think it funny that when I state what I have done on so many occasions that, the faces change but the lies and tricks remain the same with each public office springs to mind. This is exactly the same that Wirral Council have done for years that once they realise they missed something bloody obvious better to put peoples lives in danger including children rather than admitting you was wrong which would cost you dearly financially.

Now put THAT exact same theory into THIS scenario with my health and it seems to be a perfect fit and uncannily similar, don't you think?!


Now I also wonder that if they have managed to figure out about what I have been up to and are indeed watching this blog at all realising what I have now discovered may cause someone, somewhere to come out of the woodwork to 'deal' with this blog?!

Are these the final pieces of the puzzle I have searched for regarding the NHS all these years?!?!

Well I for one think it is HIGHLY LIKELY and maybe it is not so that the DWP can save money by NOT giving me DLA all these years but actually from the likely legal action for damages that could arise from my realisation of the truth?!?!

What I also find interesting is this...


Important Point: Many of the ABOUT TURNS have occurred AFTER my notes have materialised too?!

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