Wednesday, 23 January 2013

MY NHS CLAIMS REVEALED ... by Someone Else?!

I have been absent a few days, which concerned a number of caring people in a Facebook Group enough to contact me, due to transferring money to my daughter's account which turned out to be a waste of time and I believe for two reasons but more on that in another post.

Among other revelations that have surfaced there were THREE primary ones regarding the NHS. One of these will be that I was subjected by the most audacious and diabolical scam to get me to spend money within the NHS that I am somewhat steamed about in all honesty...

I will also post on this in the next day or two but right now I am very sleep and only got three hours last night. I have no desire to want to play my new games nor watch my new film...

However what I will post about is a certain Ms Ennis I saw interviewed on one of the News Channels I think was BBC News 24 and what caught my attention was that she was thumbing through letters when I spotted one headed Whipps Cross Hospital and she went on to say that, like I have claimed and also said their MUST BE others, that she was repeatedly refused a diagnosis, refused referrals and even when she was referred the Hospital FAILED to diagnose her, told her nothing was wrong and said nothing more could be done and sent away...

However and just like my claims on this blog she said that she got completely fed up at being told one thing when her body was telling her something else entirely and she kept on. This went on for an amount of time that I failed to catch note of but I dread to imagine. This is because it sounded as if she had been referred two or more times and refused referrals in between for sometime also.

Well it just so happens that her insistence to be referred and her constant requests to be referred that she finally got around to getting a proper diagnosis and it just so happens to turn out to be none other than...


I kid you not!!

I heard this either yesterday or this morning and just today I was all geared up for another recording, which I failed to do as I was called in earlier than expected, and entered my GP surgery who asked what he could do for me, I thought not a good sign, but when I asked about the Podiatry letter he replied "Oh Yes, I got that and I have REFERRED you of to NEUROLOGY". After forgetting to start the recording app it turned out I had not needed it as I was expecting to be told more lies from the Podiatry like I had from the Specialist Physiotherapist who had only recently performed an about-face?!

I was all prepared with threats and means to apply pressure and my lack of sleep meant I would probably sound quite sinister too but was glad to realise there was no need for any of that.

However I did ask him about the absolutely dreadful Saturday I had a few weeks back were I passed out through pain due to constipation. I mentioned the Vagus Nerve, some weird screenshots going up on here about this too along with two others, and he nodded and confirmed that is what had happened though when I stated about my Hiatus Hernia, back problems and the whereabouts of this nerve he said he did not think that these were putting any pressure on it...

...failing to note that SOMETHING WAS and therefore realising that dismissing anything I suggest would be somewhat...hasty.

He also told me, rather suprisingly, that when I attended Neurology to TELL THEM I suspect I have the Charcot Marie Tooth Disease so had either completely disregarded his previous dismissal of my suggesting I had am suffering from it or was being sarcastic. Though going through the trouble to do what they are so reluctant to and refer me just to be able to use a sarcastic line, it did not sound sarcastic either, was going a bit far I thought. LOL!

So here we go again only this time I am heading up a highway that I have designated and belive to be the correct path to a final diagnosis. The diagnosis that he also told me in a previous meeting that 'some people NEVER find out about'.

As i was about to leave he also said "nice to see you again" and I replied it was good to see him also. Maybe a rapport I was finding difficult to establish no has been?

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