Monday, 28 January 2013


Well it seems that the Atos and DWP case which was to be raised by Michael Meacher MP in the House of Commons did go ahead...

...but as I feared, which is kind of why I gave him the address to this blog, he did not mention me nor my case at all. Despite the fact that many people I know, some even passed away from terrible things, thought that my case being the worst they had ever heard of it seems that in this case it is not.

Well actually that is not true and I know this but the truth is people want to blame whoever is in power at the time for their own personal issues and that when they get theirs sorted the plight of others ceases to be of focus, that is unfortunately the nature of the beast.

However my Disability Living Allowance along with a local woman who is literally unable to reach around/under and clean herself after using the loo due to having missing and fused muscles that were actually caused by a major fuck up by Chase Farm Hospital and another woman o kidney Dialysis once a week to stay alive, well we all lost out DLA over 4 years ago and the Conservatives were not in power then...

...THAT is why I gave this blog to Michael Meacher MP to see if I would get attention only to then be ignored.

Yes it was annoying as the fact that I could get mentioned would have done wonders for this blog and therefore wonders for everyone I am trying to reach and open the eyes of but despite this being a possibility and despite having a whole series of the worst horror stories for anyone to have to live through along with those close to me somehow I knew that getting into the limelight would not be so easy.

Having this as an opportunity to prove myself correct, though I actually always want to be proved wrong, is why I decided to hand it over.

Oddly I was contacted by a BOFFIN friend of mine who used to work for Cambridge University and he did warn me on this particular venture and stated that I should be wary and that I would not get mentioned. Once he said that I did kind of know for sure and though I was tempted to post about it I could not to make it too easy for them to make me look an idiot and then mention me.

Being right is NOT FINANCIALLY REWARDING and I can tell you a very peculiar story about that one day.

It is really annoying as I am now furious with myself for actually allowing myself to believe that this may actually come to something. Well YES Carlton the Chemist was quite correct, though I would like a line of communication, if you read this, explaining further on what you know?! Wink-Wink!!

Yes so now a glum feeling along with being further glum that I did not stick to my own rules and what I know to be true instead of believing remarks by others that do not really now and that fact that many take things on face value...

...hmm that reminds me of another thing I normally avoid doing that I ended up doing that lead me to this juncture in the first place?!

Oh well... these reminders that occur to show I am right really are depressing!!

EDIT: After all I have stated that the numbers on this blog are being ... manipulated. The numbers for this particular blog are, in all honesty, nowhere near as high as they should be. Now if the numbers are NOT manipulated to the extent I think they are it only leaves one possibility.

That possibility is the one I feared to most and in all honesty we would have no right to complain about the carryings on of MPs, governments or rich people as it would turn out that the vast majority are exactly the same and only making a big beef about it because it is NOT THEM that are in this comfortable position or have that amount of money, that amount of power or a particular job or have fame.

I find it all the more self destructive on a countrywide scale that you have to go right across to the other extreme until you have people who genuinely care about human beings and their suffering only for members of the British Public to not warrant being included in this group nor warrant any help from them unless you are born overseas and better still if you have a different skin colour.

That would be the Human Rights people who did nothing nor did they even bother to converse when I contacted them regarding my daughter and myself... did not bat an eyelid, not a flicker.

So presently yhr best I can hope for is a few statements along the lines of 'oooh that really is terrible' and 'ooh how have you and your daughter coped' and other besides and these statements are supposed to solve all my issues because that is as far as it gets.

So if my numbers on my blogs are being manipulated as I stated then they numbers should be going VIRAL but they are not...

Alternatively if they are not then the number of people I have been connected with over the last 6 months should have told others about this blog, and I DO MEAN THIS BLOG AND HAVE 11 OTHERS, should have informed their friends and family about this particular blog...

...but the numbers do not match that. Oddly everyone I know on a face to face and daily basis consider the numbers AS VIRAL but I DO NOT and they ARE NOT. That is a matter of fact and oddly when I state that some silly video, funny video or video of someone getting themselves hurt in a comical manner on YouTube getting millions of hits they go 'oooh well yes of course it will, its funny!'?! This only gets stated by people who are NOT suffering in anyway. Those that are would say ... 'yes people are bloody stupid, are they not?!' and I would have to concur that they are extremely naive and go through a story telling of primates and their behaviour and that we are still doing the exact same things and simply do not recognise it.

I am not immune to it but I am fully aware of the most insulting and annoying traits and vowed NOT to employ them in anyway.

Oh and I think those that are saying this is all wrong, well I guess they do not argue with their partners, nor family members, nor neighbours or ever fallen out with friends or people even that you do not know?! Yes must be many living in PERFECT WORLD?! LOL. Well if you are tell me where I can buy a damn key and the location of the damned DOOR?!?!

As according to my late friend Kenneth Walter Bunn, RIP my old friend, that is where I should be living and in his own words thinks it is 200 years away at least and it is then that I should have been born!

Yup, this is the final furlong that IS for sure!

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