Thursday, 3 January 2013


OK a shorter one this but as you will hear there WILL be a fourth part after all.

When we speak again I will try and get Sophie to speak about this knife wound she seemed to end up with I am highly dubious about.

Sophie tells me that it was the Barrister who mentioned about Journalists and I find that a little odd and would have thought they would want the press kept out of it in all honesty. But maybe not or maybe they know of me and of this blog and 'trying' to make it look like they have nothing to hide.

Or maybe it will turn out to be something entirely different and even totally legitimate, who knows?

By the way have you noticed the link path at all?

It links to ONE folder and always does if you go all the way back for as long as I have been using this particular Cloud Storage, Wuala (of Lacie), only one of several folders has public access. I might also add that there are THREE other CLOUD SERVER STORAGE SITES USED that are NOT linked in anyway to anything I have on the Internet.

If you re going to Sabre Rattle make sure the other guy does not have a bigger Sabre Rattle than you do. :)

Well actually I HAVE A SABRE while they only have a baby's RATTLE!! HEHE!

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