Wednesday, 30 January 2013

NEW PATH: NiQuitin or Nicorette for QUITING SMOKING?!

This blog will now take on a different slant. Indeed I may even alter the heading as it seems that people cannot be taught or have a block up in that as they are able to use words that contain more than two syllabels they are therefore unable to be taught...

However there are tens of millions of people in the UK and the world does not change because one person who is bltanatly obvious gets help from one Member of Parliament. AFter he he chose to go with three people and not me despite telling me otherwise and ignored the rest on this blog.

He ignored this for a reason but that is OK as long as certain individuals get mentioned, it matters not that all these other things do not get highlighted. After all all this stuff happening to just one person is nothing really, is it?

Not really worth a mention or giving details over to the media I have tried to highlight all this too for soo long now. All my hard work, all the planning and everything else but it seems that even disabled people can be just as stupid, naive and selfish as the next person!

So I cannot teach those that cannot be taught because the attitude that is bringing down this country instilled in the public mindset by the successive governments in the first place is till there. Here in London we came up with a saying for this a very long time ago my grandmother was fond of using...


So no more time wasting on people who just want to complain, bitch and whinge until their own personal goals are reached and not even having the decency to mail me and let me know when I was going to be left out in the cold, with noone speaking up on  my behalf...

...SAME OLD SAME OLD! Oh dear the sooner now that I can leave the UK the better! I refuse to be dragged down with the rest of the idiots!

Anyway for those of you not affected by statements above and wanting to QUIT SMOKING and still willing to help yourselves I would recommend the bottom two Nicotine Gum brands and flavours.

I started off with NiQuitin but if you are handing out money for these trust me on the following do not go for the NiQuitin 2mg gum, I do not know why but it did nothing for me at all and no buzzing sensation either on my gums or otherwise?!

Now on the other hand the Nicorette Gum on the right in 2mg form DOES give you the same effect despite the gum size being somewhat smaller!

I also recommend the Fresh Fruit, not used the Nicotinell Fruit one yet, as it is very sherbet like and does last. Better of your not a fan of mint or the blandish nicotine flavour. Personally I had no issues with the 4mg NiQuitin but after using the Nicorette if the gum size was fractionally bigger they would be perfect in the Fresh Fruit form in both nicotine weights of 4mg as well as 2mg.

EDIT: This blog is being abandoned except for the odd bit of health advice on my many conditions that is likely to be every few months... I very much doubt that things will change to make me come back here as I have done everything I can and yet no one is willing to help anyone but themselves ... therefore that is what I am going to do, rather upsetting and surprisingly.

As some may have noticed already a great deal of time has been going into my other blogs as this actually helps me and my daughter while this one only served to help and advise many people who refuse to believe, do not want to believe or only self serving and no different to the members of parliament they complain about so much.

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