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Well here are some people I can comfortable call heroes mentioning a couple more!

I copy and pasted the email I recieved and it it follows this sentence and I did not include links as I am having 'difficulites' galore with my connection today.

Please circulate and turn out!

Disabled People Vs DWP
Mental Health Resistance Network and Disabled People Against Cuts are holding a
VIGIL outside the Royal Courts of JusticeWednesday 16th January, 12pm

Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London 
WC2A 2ll.
This week sees 2 disabled people take on the government in the Administrative High Court, the division of the Royal Courts of Justice that deals with Judicial reviews, on the grounds that the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) discriminates against mental health survivors.

The WCA was introduced by the Department for Work and Pensions to test the eligibility of disabled people for disability benefits. The test has been fiercely criticised by campaigners, MPs and the British Medical Association. The government’s own appointed assessor of the policy has ruled it ‘unfit for purpose’, yet it continues.

The WCA causes death and distress to thousands of disabled people from all impairment groups. Dozens die every week following assessment while nearly 40% of those who appeal have the decision to remove their benefits overturned, needlessly exposing people who already face many barriers in life to traumatic and harrowing experiences.

The Judicial Review will be calling for adjustments to the WCA to minimise the disadvantages that people with certain impairments face in being assessed. In a wider sense it will be calling the government to account for these continued attacks on disabled citizens.

DPAC and MHRN call on ALL activists and supporters to join us in a vigil outside the court to show support for those taking the case, and disgust at the shameful practices of the WCA.

Bring banners, artwork and solidarity.
For messages of support or email

See also the Atos Debate in the House of Commons on Thursday 17th Jan Live from about 11am on BBC Democracy Live

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