Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Well thought I would just post a little information on the run down feeling I get from time to time as I am experiencing now and have been a couple of days.

While out today I got quite nauseous and my thigh muscles became weak to the point similar to that if I had around 5 pints of beer. The legs that is, lol.

I did mention this to the GP stating I had been like it a couple of hours and it has been going on awhile on and off. Today was the strongest it has been, or should I say weakest?!

This is another things that crops up from time to time that I had not considered and I thought how annoying it was when my GP today ASKED ME what all the symptoms were I was experiencing!

Well THEY should be in my bloody notes and that is why the call the your medical NOTES or indeed worse still MEDICAL RECORDS.

But no I am supposed to sit there and at the drop of a hat recall all 26 ailments that are all known symptoms of Charcot Marie Tooth Disease.

Oddly he started to look uncomfortable when I stated that my family members are now starting to think I am onto something and my brother was here only two days ago and had an MRI, or possibly X-Ray, on HIS back just a few months ago.

I know not if he also has the varicose veins that three of us have had since our early twenties.

Also I would imagine now and over the coming weeks they will be talking, checking out symptoms and getting back to me with perhaps a list of things that I am unaware of?!

It is times like this when I also get fed up with the boredom and I hate this most of all as it is the price to pay for all the ailments. With no boredom the ailments would not get to me half as much as they do.

Boredom is a person's worst enemy and one that we cannot escape, unless of course your a member of the cabinet as this and other natural things about our physical and psychological make up they think we can switch off at the drop of a hat to suit them.

So what to do now?

I keep giving them time while they keep shutting doors and stating one thing and doing another. They promise me things and then break them. They tell me they have done things they have clearly NOT DONE.

Now more than several years before typing this I used to think how weird it was and what an absolutely absurd case of double standards the NHS and all it's staff were capable of. But as this was repeated over and over I started to think there was more to these double standards than meets the eye.

I mean I cannot believe that out of all those surgeons and other so-called professionals that I have met that not ONE OF THEM stood up and said the words that Karen Butcher recently did in an email and said 'I think you have been messed around long enough ... I will sort this out, don't worry' ... well I normally only hear the latter half of that sentence only for my hopes to be dashed.

No this is deliberate and there is no doubt in my mind about that. My name pops up and an alarm goes off and some bureaucrat walks into a room and tells these people to fob me off or even LIE. Bare in mind that on that recording the GP tells me to go right up to the damn hospital on top of a hill and twice the distance as his surgery and speak to Maya about her letter?! Yeah right!

When I see people in Casualty or Holby City, which I have not watched in years now, and I see medical professionals caring about their patients and risk there careers for people it makes me sick to my stomach as nothing could be further from the truth.

I have YET to receive a confirmation on any of my ailments other than best guess and nowhere near closer to finding out WHY! The GP stated to me 'well sometimes you just do not find out about these things' and what utter bollocks is that?! Well yes if you do not do a damn thing to test for them.

I did find it funny when he insinuated that the test for carpal and Tarsal Tunnel is the same test for CMT and at the point I should have pulled the book on it out of my bag and said 'well that IS funny as it states NOTHING in here about that and only says a blood test!!'

Why would it be called a Carpal Tunnel Test? I know what bloody Carpal and Tarsal Tunnel is I had the damn tests did I not?! Carpal is the hand, Tarsal is the feet and it is trapped nerves that causes it. When I had it done they did not state 'oh this is a test for a whole list or short list or neurological disorders!' they only said Carpal and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome test!

Well I say trapped nerve but more specifically it is a nerve that is being squeezed to a degree it affects... err something and I cannot even recall as this was performed around 9 years ago in Buckhurst Hill.

It is going back into looking like the only way I will force the situation to get answers is to put them in a position whereby they will have no choice and the tests will be forced upon them not only by law but will likely also be done privately as by then i would have proved beyond doubt that nothing they they do or say can be trusted to any degree at all.

Now if I am taken to court for anything then I HAVE TO be appointed a lawyer and then once I divulge all my details and evidence a Judge should then issue court orders to get to the truth.

But this is a path I am reluctant to take but not only have I been aware of this path for some time now but thought recently that I had avoided it completely.

Also any action I may take to achieve this goal may as well force everything out into the public eye so it must be the grandest of schemes that would guarantee this will all take place and with no margin for error.

Such is what this government is doing to members of the public and the choices they do no want to make but have been left with no alternative but to make them. Or maybe that is their plan? Maybe they want to force the public into doing this so that they can then display them as the bad guys so that their fiendish manipulation of the majority of the public can continue?!

I would imagine the possibilities are endless and the reasons could be one of the above or any number of the above or maybe even ALL of the above. One thing is for sure the reasons are most definitely ABOVE!

If I was in their place it is exactly what I would do if I were a person capable of manipulating people to those  kinds of lengths without losing any sleep over it.

Yes I would plan things in such a way that each thing I set in motion would achieve most, of not all, the things I desired.

For example set a few factions off against each other on a murderous rampage, this reduces the population, reduces the need for prison cells as people are dead, makes everyone involved look like the bad guys which then allows them to change the laws and powers so they can go round and sweep up whatever is left.

Sod the Divide and Conquer I would literally call this one the Clean Sweep! Or the New Broom Tactic?! Clever and smart and leaves the culprit looking 'Holier than thou!'.

WELLLLLL I just threw that one in as an example but it should allow you to see what I am getting at.

I have had to use many of these kinds of tactics to just so i can sweep up little tit-bits or information as I did with the GP. I never did that t my last GP but I am long past caring and if you now do not give me what I should have got years ago I will push you and pressure you until you utter something or a number of things.


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