Sunday, 13 January 2013


Mere moments ago I was suspended in a bath of hot water. Down the lengths of my body soap suds clung to my skin gently as if life itself depended on it.

As I lay there floating I thought about the things that have recently occurred and despite the texts I sent to one brother and my sister I floated there thinking not a great deal of it. I thought how curious this was when in reality it was that which I was expecting all along and had worked so hard to do. Albeit without confirmation as yet and somewhat earlier than I had envisioned it was as I expected.

At some point I had thought how I would react if I exited the bath and entered my bedroom only to see the Prime Minister standing in my garden? My immediate thought was 'oh fuck!' but then I though well it was bound to end up with me and him face to face at some point, better just deal with it'' That was it?!

After being suspended for sometime with my mind wandering I had thought how strange it was that I could get to this level headedness and calm over a possibility like that? The truth is my methods and many of which I have yet to divulge would always take me in this direction and there was nothing to stop it. There never was and it is indeed the reasons or I should state some of the very methods themselves that give it this power of perpetual motion.

Eddie Van Halen is screaming out a guitar riff as I type called Respect The Wind and its haunting melodies fill my ears while I contemplate everything I have strived to achieve. I recall how those moments of pure blissful suspension caused to wonder how things that would be considered by so very many to be crazy, mad and shocking news has managed to fade while blending into what I would call my reality!

The coming months of 2013 are likely to see more of this kind of event as the realisation hits those that despite what tricks can be thought up or the sign that I have fallen or failed to notice simply do not work. Not only that but I can also turn these around and use them as weapons towards those that would attempt to think them up in the first place.

This was indeed the reasoning to many of my announcements on here and exactly WHEN I made them like that of the screwed up numbering of this blog and all my other 11 blogs. It was allowed to continue for such a time until that once revealed it could not be explained away any longer and that records i collected going right back to the end of August are nothing short or fantastically impossible to achieve. Game over, at least for that trick but in this event I was hoping to completely extinguish the possibility of further trickery and lies.

I had long since stated that January of 2013 would be key and despite the previous estimations of things happening that failed to occur there was always and always will be another month and another set of reasons. Of course I had to consider other factors that many have failed to realise and this includes Michael Meacher MP and I stated previously that I have to be careful. Well yes I do and the important factor in many of these things is the very thing that still mystifies scientists around the globe...


It was abuse of time that many public offices used in the hope that members of the public failed to notice until I came along. In realising this I myself decided to teach them a lesson in the use and abuse of time while being honourable and honest in the meantime. Time is a factor in the postings I have been making since August. In fact it is there very reliance that I am falling back upon for the most part.

You see this blog has become my .... EVIDENCE!

Despite my claims against all of the offenders contained herein this very blog exists with my posting as EVIDENCE to what I said and WHEN I said it. So any claims to the contrary by any people or bodies willing to abuse the truth and bend it to their will would find it a little impossible to do so...


From this there is no escape and any attempt to remove or delete it would be seen as a DELIBERATE ATTEMPT TO ERADICATE THE TRUTH!

Not forgetting the fact that it simply would not succeed and would only serve to hinder themselves further.

Strange, don't you think, that winter time forcing me from getting out into the wilderness with my camera to listen to the wildlife while warm sunshine bathes me and I have to rely on a bath of very warm water to achieve any philosophical meanderings?!

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