Thursday, 3 January 2013


I was just looking out my bedroom window and thinking how weird it is that both my daughter's plights as well as my own are both been kicked along the road like a proverbial can.

Not wanting to take any chances with all this and regardless ow the opinions of people that are naive and never been in anything close to resembling this one does have to consider ALL possibilities.

So I was looking out of my window considering the possibilities that both or plight's seem to be converging on the same middle of January time. I thought it a bit of a coincidence that this is actually happening in both our cases, especially when we both have several individual areas for our battles and mine in particular somewhat numerous...

So I thought of the dark reasons that could be behind the can kicking and was thinking about I still have heard nothing from absolutely anyone concerning anything when ... out of my window I see two Arab men walking along next to the river and scanning around them at the different houses.

Now you have to understand and I AM repeating this as people do not read all the fact, many of which will likely cast wrong judgement on these tiny fragments they read, when I state that not only is my house impossible to find, you could ask within 30 yards and people will not know, but I live in a road whereby the only people I see, and have seen in 5.5 years plus, are the neighbours, others that live in the street, the various Postman and the Delivery Guys of Yodel and the like.

In other words you do not see strange faces.

Except this just a few minutes ago when I see TWO strange faces that are Arab men and scanning around at the various houses. They did not walk past mine and as of yet no one has approached my door as i can see it from where I sit right now. Something that will prove utterly fatal to Atos and the DWP!

Then I thought that IF I was an inconvenience and wanted out of the way, well neither my daughter nor I have been offered one single solitary ounce of protection despite how certain events may make it look that way, then what better way than to get others to do it?!

These are the things that I have had to consider for very almost TWO YEARS now and not only for myself but also mainly for my daughter and two grandchildren.

While doing all this and trying to capture and prevent atrocities and save hundreds of lives between y daughter and me then there is all this shit with Local Councils, NHS, DWP & Atos.

This is just something I thought  it better to put in people's mind set, even the ones that think I am crazy. For in the event that my family go to the press themselves, especially after finding all my files, because of a sudden departure of this world of my daughter and me...

...well then this blog and our deaths will leave no one in any further doubts whatsoever.

Bloody typical if this would end up being what it would take to make people see, wake up and become pro-active instead of just sitting there reading these posts thinking ... oh he is mad, or no they would never do that, oh that IS terrible but now Eastenders is on?!


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