Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Well here it is ...

So I had my appointment with my GP today.

I was somewhat out of it and had come over very weak a few hours before and had spent my time out dodging rain drops as well as trying to stay upright the weakness I felt in my muscles was that bad.
So when I left I was annoyed with myself that I had forgotten to inform my GP of not only this BLOG but that of Michael Meacher MP showing an interest in my evidence and using it in the House of Commons. What i told someone I know only an hour earlier who had strongly urged me NOT to mention this even if he did refuse, though they thought he would not, but I said that I only want to get some answers and that I had become annoyed at what had transpired of late.

However it could be most likely better that I had not and he had not heard, received a letter from the Biomechanics guy called Mark, who of which you can hear him confirming that he knew him.

'Heard?!' I hear you thinking! Yes well I recorded this and though I had hoped NOT to have to do this with a new GP I thought better of it. Especially after things I previously mentioned.

So... the AUDIO LINK...
(Edited this time so no long pause at the beginning!)


You hear my GP flatly refuse to refer me to Professor Mary Reilly,I do not expect to receive an email from the Prof until around 10th January onwards due to academic Christmas breaks lasting either two weeks or a month for Universities.


After cockily stating that he 'cold not possibly speculate as he does not have the X-Rays', which he refused to look at previously if you recall, he then decides what I DO NOT HAVE without running a series of tests. As I stated before the NHS only allow Doctors on their books that are blessed with X-Ray vision. Obviously the human anatomy must be laced with Lead in certain sections as it does not always work, LMAO.

They do not want to diagnose me with either that condition or a condition that states that I am buggered and have been for some time now!


He clearly states that, after soe pushing, he simply cannot refer me to Professor Mary Reilly due to government rules! How can there possibly be rules that STOP you being referred to someone who is top of their field?! If I do not have this condition then it is only I that will look like an idiot!


His face told a story of realisation when I mention that at the end of my meeting with Mark, Biomechanics, that HIS face drops when he realises that I have had Restless Leg Syndrome and given pills for it and that I then FAIL a reactor test on my achilles. He also looks confused that Mark had decided to speak to the back specialist, Maya, but that there has been no mention of this in Maya's letter and that I have been left confused.


He also starts to tell me he understands my concerns when I FINALLY, should be noticeable in the audio, lets me explain that what is in Maya's letter is the COMPLETE opposite to what she told me to my face ...TWICE.

As to whether or not the things he told me are true or lies I would not know, at the end of the day it was strongly urged to me by Karen Butcher to ASK my GP to refer me to Professor Reilly of the UCL and you can hear his answer to that. That s when he goes on to state about government rules on GPs. Government? Rules?


He metions about referring me back, or to physiotherapy and to the Muscular Skeletal Clinic and that I tell him I have met just about everyone up there and get promised lots of things only for them to turn out to be lies and you hear me CLEARLY TELLING HIM I DO NOT TRUST ANYONE IN THE NHS!!

Again with the three bloody weeks, he loves using that and I have never had a GP so fixated on a SPECIFIC period of time like he is.

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