Monday, 28 January 2013


Well it was always going to be April this year and I suppose if I had ever had the time to sit down and give it some serious thought I would have realised it would come down to this month and this year?!

Only thing is I have spent so much time on this blog for the benefit of others, it is not just a case of the BLOG itself you know but everything contained herein, that I have sacrificed a large part of my own avoidance of the inevitable things to come.

Unfortunately there are certain ... questions I should not ask myself. These very rarely have answers that help to drive you or be of any form of support to help drive you on.

One of these questions is ... Do people really understand that the above takes place?

All too often I see people join groups due to some catastrophe or situation that their minds have difficulty dealing with but what worries me is that once they have achieved their personal gain will they then peel off?! This for me is the worst kind of person who join up because there is safety in numbers but once an opportunity presents itself go cartwheeling off to pastures new and rich.

I do not play well with others and never have. This is not because I am not a team player, nothing could be further from the truth and I have proved that over and over again in my educations. No the truth is that not many other people are team players and I can also prove that from my educations to get a degree too! I have seen it over and over again and it is offensive to me when people think I cannot see it. I do and from five miles out too!

Oddly when people think it is being discovered they try to cover it up in some way or other, albeit badly. They do not want to be exposed in this way ... after all they convinced themselves it was genuine when they started on this venture or joined up with a group?! Only now that their own personal issues are 'settled' dealing with others or feeling sorry for them even, is now an inconvenience.

If you are going to claim to champion the less fortunate and the hard done by you need to make absolutely sure you first are genuine to yourself and if so and only then can you then claim to be to others.

I am not like this at all, I genuinely wanted to help and as far as I can tell I have with several people. This will continue on right up until April however I think when April does come around some of the facts to be revealed are going to be something of a wake-up call to a great many people.

After all I have always believed that to be a good teacher you have to be able to fire up emotions and feelings in the people you teach as this prevents it from becoming boring and keeps things interesting...

...I did state several times before that a great many people, a few solicitors too along with TEACHERS, said I would make a fantastic teacher.

Or to put it simply, would have been nice if something would have arisen so I can vastly drop the amount of time I spend on this fucking BLOG?!?!



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