Thursday, 3 January 2013


Well I just had a phone call from my daughter and it turns out they have waited ALL THIS TIME for the Judge to decide that he cannot handle it and that it is too big.

Uh-huh and I tols Sophie from day one that this should be at Liverpool High Court and confused as to why this was not done.

I state this on this blog many times in earlier posts and here we go ... another case of a load of people being paid vast salaries with each one alone being able to feed several families taking an inordinate amount of time wasting the taxpayers money to do one hell of an incompetent job!!

So NO we go off to Liverpool High Court just like I told Sophie it would at the very beginning!

So my grandchildren are being left with a crazy woman who is careless with children and missed her flight off the planet on the 21st December 2012 via a Flying Pyramid Of Giza piloted by Aliens who sees the paedophile who abused my daughter until recently and...

A PAEDOPHILE who now I hear had a grandfather who worked for Saddam Hussein?! Who states, it is in the audio, that on one hand his parents died when he was a baby and was raised by his grandparents but recently said he wanted to return home because his mother is sick.

The AUDIO is converted from WAV to MP3 and UPLOADED to just one of my various CLOUD STORAGE servers and here it is.

Interestingly there was mention, yet again, of contacting the tabloids about this and I am not sure as yet who mentioned this.

Part TWO to come tomorrow I imagine?

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