Thursday, 3 January 2013


More a question than a statement you might think but no!

I have been following something for awhile now that I spotted early on and at first I thought it just a weird quirk.

I also did not want to say anything too early on in the life of my blogs and it seems a great deal more sensible to wait until the numbers were so all over the place that only dumbest of arses would still not see it.

Now what it is is a pattern which I spotted very early on and a pattern that is as crystal clear as you could possibly get and those readers that are good with their mathematics and even gamblers will spot it... I will put the picture up here first before I divulge the deliberate mistake!

A clue! OK well look at the number of viewers and then look at the number of  posts for each blog and see if you can spot anything. Move onto the next and do the same and work your way right down the list!

Let us see if you have spotted what I refer to...

The number of viewers and the number of posts have a link of a factor of TEN?!

It does not matter how little nor how many viewers I have had this factor of TEN still persists.

This is simply NOT possible UNLESS it is manufactured!!

It is that simple....

Oh and before anyone asks ... no I do not know why... though I can only thing I can think of immediately is prevention of too many people seeing this blog by some party.

EDIT: Oh yes one last thing .... I have STRONGLY PROMOTED THIS BLOG whereas I have not the other 11!! So even without this promoting these numbers are impossible and not the only numbers on these blogs that so do make sense either!! WHO is doing the screwing around and WHY I do not know.

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  1. In other words if you multiply the number of postings by 10 you will be in the ball park for the number of viewers...

    ...this is not just weird but impossible!