Saturday, 26 January 2013


Yes I did very recently mention that I had been and spotted what I believed to be a scam and I dare say that many of you have been wondering ... what, how where, when and why?!

Well you will note that in earlier posts I stated that I was under Orgnathic Surgery at Chase Farm Hospital and you may recall that the work had been postponed because my Dentist had failed to act and perform work requested to do so by the hospital?

They then did this again after I had to wait four months for this follow up appointment and I may have posted about that recently...

Well after visiting my dentist it turns out that I need to see the Hygienist and that when I asked about paying the £60 over time she first said no and then stated that when I made the appointment I had to pay a £30 deposit?!

Well prior to her telling me that she stated that I had been told two years ago that I had gum disease, oh no I did NOT, and that I needed a hygienist at £55. I WAS ACTUALLY TOLD that I needed the hygienist due to my smoking which seemed ludicrous as at the rate I was smoking at the time I would need a regular monthly appointment for this!

Well post to her falsely telling me that two years ago I was told I had gum disease, which insidentally I had told all previous dentists who stated that I did not, she also stated after glancing at my file that this would likely cost £200?!

Oddly the subject of the X-Rays that the Hospital needed and Dentist did not which despite the fact that first off the Dentist should already HAVE X-RAYS of my teeth and secondly as this is NOT COVERED by the NHS, like hygienists fees, likely will incur further fees?!?!

I have to remember to first of email my dentist over all this as I have been fucked about for over two years over this, reminding him he asked me if I wanted a load of free work done, as well as contact either the NHS or DWP as I have a HC2 certificate about getting this PAID FOR before I decide before long to start approaching solicitors YET AGAIN and no doubt in vain as there are no, or indeed precious little, in the way of decent and honest solicitors out there in at least a 25 mile radius?!

So scam? Yes well despite the lack of informing me of this miraculous gum disease I cannot help but wonder that at my age i find it odd that this NECESSARY work I needed came out of the blue whoch was followed by TWO YEARS of being messed around so that I can then be sent back to the Dentist and find myself with a bill in excess of £200?!

A little set up between the NHS, nearest hospital and local Dentists? Seems a bit strange don't you think?

Less strange when you consider that my Dentist only recently took on NHS patients and that this was limited to one day a week. Hadi, a my PREVIOUS Dentist at the surgey, had previously informed me that the surgery was struggling for money, rented out a room to a Physiotherpist (I previously POSTED) and that the day I was being told this was a PRIVATE PATIENT DAY and that NO OTHER PATIENTS were in the building other than myself?!?!

In all honesty this was NOT something I expected at all. I do not really like many Dentists you will no doubt be not at all surprised to read. I had, however, liked this one and both Hadi and the practice owner called Simon and this was totally odd. They did not assume that they were more gifted and intelligent than the patients sitting in their Dentists chairs and did not speak down to you nor look down there noses at you, like two other local Dentists with bad reputations i could mention! One particular twat that came acrtoss like this and annoyed me was actually an Orthopaedic Doctor/Surgeon at Chase Farm called Dr Tai, if I recall correctly. God, he was an annoying twat!!

It was rather fortunate for Doctor Tai that we never met again after that first instance I can tell you that for free!

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