Thursday, 31 January 2013


Despite my recent rants on here about how people can suddenly forgot what is important when they now think that their major personal issues are solved and that suddenly they party who caused much of this are suddenly OK. All because one MP belonging to a party trying to tell the public they have changed but I do not believe they have who are helping someone who is a bit of a walk in the park to help, if I am honest.

Hmm warbling there. To take someone with a bloody obvious condition that would obviously shock 100% of the public to discover in the attempt to show that they are the 'good guys' and they have 'changed' is nothing.

I do like to quote the line... You Can Lead a Horse to Water But You Cannot Make Them Drink!

I should also quote the line... People Are Easily Convinced and LED by the Nose With a Carrot!

I have seen this for a great many years and I thought that with the suffering going on and the state of affairs that this time, THIS TIME, the public will not fall for the dangling carrot!

Oddly something happened only moments ago...

I was checking my emails when I had an email from Squidoo, where I created a series of lenses but in recent times not done anything with them for some time. To show the viewers what this is I have provided a screenshot below.

I put a great deal of effort along with a great deal of time and bared my most inner most secrets in my life to help others and was somewhat disappointed that I was kind of cast aside when it mattered most.

Also the numbers on my blogs have kind of put me on edge, as even though they are 'OFF' I do not know how much they are 'OFF'. There are now approaching 5000 people who have visited this one blog alone. To be honest and as many as that sounds it is nothing and for things to really change not only does EVERYONE need to know the truth, as Charlie below puts it, but they also need to be caring enough and also KNOW what to DO with this truth.

To give an anaology a March of 5000 people is ... well NOTHING. Indeed you could add a zero or two to that and I would STILL INSIST this is nothing.

However if THREE ZEROS are added to this then, THEN something is definately going to happen and IS happening.

It does not take one blog divulging the truth but COMMON KNOWLDGE of the truth that will start the tides of change.

As for my FURY... well  we are all but human and add in the fact that I have been told by a great many  people including some more astute medical professionals ... I SHOULD NOT BE ALIVE ... so I can rightfully claim that I it is my god damn right to exhaust my ire!

How do you like that?!

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