Friday, 4 January 2013


It is funny when I get periods like this when a number of things all happen in a short space of time and even though you notice that you then think that it will now be quiet for t time and something else pops up!

That other department that acts as a Vampire on your tax dollars that is linked to the DWP, you know the one that I keep forgetting about until out of the blue and out of nowhere they send me a letter?!

ICE or the Independent Case Examiners, hmm never thought to ask in the Facebook Group if anyone else has ever used them?

Well this morning I received a letter from them because I complained, well rattled their cage because I suspect another deliberate waste of taxpayers money, about the amount of time they took along with the extended periods of time that passed by without hearing anything. Also that when I did hear anything it was only to give me an excuse or tell me that there was a delay.

Well they answered that letter and to be honest I flashed over it but not really particularly interested, if I was and there was ANY possibility in my mind that this was just another intended waste of time created and invented by the DWP, just like Atos is, I would not be forgetting about them.

It was just that when I discovered them I thought 'What the Feck?!' and wondered WHY I had not heard of them before and become highly suspicious and wanted to 'catch them out' of being fraudsters.

Anyway here is the letter...

NOTED: That apparently they take 40 weeks. FORTY WEEKS?! LOL! Bare in mnd that in the beginning they kept telling me they could not start for some reason or another, possibly because I had to go through the appeals or something I cannot recall.

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