Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Just a short one this to say that I have been working on a few things in my brief absence on here.

I have set out a couple of things and it seems they have paid off, not literally PAID lol, and I will be able to post some startling as well as helpful revelations in a post in a few days time.

I am also a little behind on a couple of other blog subjects and have a fair few things to post up and a good deal of media.

In fact I had to spend a few hours this morning doing some resizing and rotating plus there is a little video too, this things despite being on other subjects worlds apart from this blog they are in a unique position to help me with this one ... well as far as some of my claims I previously made are concerned.

Also due to the little backlog I have to work through and things about to occur there will be a nice flurry over the next few weeks on a number of different blogs which will include this one OF COURSE.

One main one on here will be to do with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, Plantar fasciitis and anyone who has difficulty with their feet who have had nothing but arseholes that are supposed to be medical professionals so yes I have kind of been experimenting like I have done for years and now seem to be onto something and have been a couple of weeks.

But I will not change the habit of a lifetime and in something this important I have to be absolutely sure of myself beforehand!

So over the next two weeks expect a great deal on four blog subjects and outside this one will be the ...

Reptiles Amphibians Fish BLOG

Orchids BLOG

British Wildlife BLOG

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