Friday, 20 July 2018


This one a few months old but I give across the headline and link and have it a look.

This backs up what I've been saying for years and long before the Tories got into power.
They are all as bad as each other.

I was not aware, or I think not, that at the council in Rochdale the party in power was Labour. That is until I see this headline.

So a bunch of cover ups and high levels of toxicity are being claimed? Or, at least, was?

Surprising then that Corbyn supporters either seem to forget or choose to ignore this? Or just think everything will be different under him?

Well from what I've seen and experienced which my own daughter is now experiencing, after ten years of not believing me, is that they are so far too the left they are out of sight.

In these instances and made obvious by the claims, shouts and screams of the group normally referred to as Social Justice Warriors, they claim to be fair to all but are not.

You could not be more unfair of you went right out of your way to be so why they claim to be for the people.

Your liars and you are not.

I've been saying and proving this for years.

Oh and this is The Guardian .. unfortunately. I have been becoming less and less impressed with their lying, twisting of the truth and bullying of others of late.

Cannot be doing that badly if they can threaten legal action towards independent journalists? And especially of they are overseas?!

So Jeremy Corbyn is all about being fair, for the people and against all the suffering is he? I did believe this in the beginning about him but that quickly evaporated.

I have seen absolutely nothing that proves to me he will be fair, quite the opposite in fact and I am sure that for certain demographics he will make their lives even worse than they already are?

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