Monday, 30 July 2018


Ooh boy.

Note we are hearing stories of the army prepared over Brexit which is now being denied by Number 10.

Added to that it is now being claimed that along with shortages of food and medicine we are also going to have shortages of electricity and .. umm .. vets?

Now The Independent tabloid is running a story about how diabetics won't get insulin and that the are millions of diabetics?!

In the comments section in the link below someone seems to suggest the numbers are fudged and that this is fake news.

See? More and more people don't trust mainstream media anymore.

Also it was suggested somewhere that London voted to remain? Yeah if that's the case the vote was fixed as I knew several dozen people and every one of them voted to leave the EU. Because they have been fed up with years of shit.

Take a wild guess what two of them are afflicted with? Yup, diabetes!

Apparently lots of leaflets are going to be handed out. Two lots I read I think it was August and September?

It doesn't matter if it's someone putting the question regarding a shortage of vets to Nigel Farage on his radio show, electricity, food or medicine..

Why now?

It's been well over a year since the referendum and it's been several years since it started out getting talked about. So why now?!

This is the government and the clue to all this is in the word. Your elected to govern.

If there is no EU and you clearly can't govern then why the fuck are you there and what the fuck are you being paid for?!

I'm really getting behind the idea they all need to go.

If things don't improve after leaving the EU and quickly they all better get one way tickets out of the UK because they won't like the backlash.

In fact I think it will be more akin to an uprising or revolution to be honest.

More and more people are asking questions and more and more people are realising. More and more people are getting seriously pissed off with being used like slaves and lied to.

If what I was told about Iain Duncan Smith was true and in the event on any uprising I'd love to see the terrified look on his face.

Slaves are we?

Let to die if we are not fit enough to be slaves are we?!

Slowly taking away what me the UK a civilised society have we?!

Taking away people's rights to own there own homes?

Be parents to their own children?

Covering up the most heinous and serious crimes?!

You see it's not only about the victim numbers .. it's about everyone else with homes, wives and children that realise you would be more than willing to do the exact same to their family.

Jesus I knew they were stupid, despite their self proclaiming to the contrary, but I had no idea how effing stupid.

Unless this is just another part of my distraction theory I've been mentioning of late?

Rather bizarrely to show people's feelings about all this I spotted a Tweet on Twatter before I got to publish this post. Someone put a comment that the current government should be dissolved and that a general election should be called and the Conservative Party not allowed to stand?! Wow!

As much as I would like to see that with the current Conservatives who are not conservatives in my view this has not only never crossed my mind but would never happen.

Though to put some contrast to all this .. the current Conservative Party and government are certainly guilty of some pretty awful crimes. Not so much as an investigation and nothing from the opposition even, other than some awkward questions here and there.

Brexit: Millions of diabetes patients could be 'seriously disadvantaged' by insulin shortages if no deal reached

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