Saturday, 28 July 2018


Odd that of late I have wondered whether or not we have all been deliberately distracted by a whole list of things to stop us realising something.

That something is going on?

Some sort of coming natural disaster or global catastrophe. I even put in a list with a caveat that there could be other things that I did not think of at the time.

In fact as it turns out there was something going on that I did not think too much about .. until yesterday when suddenly something happened. Something that made me realise that there were some little signs going on and had been for a couple of weeks.

I was sitting in this park when a wind blew up and was blowing the trees in the park about. It has not rained for a fair old while and almost all the grass has been golden and dry for some time now. Probably around 10 to 20 percent of the grass was still green.

But as I sat there and the wind started to bend the tree branches a whole sea of leaves suddenly landed on the grass making it look more like late Autumn and around October time other than early summer and July?!

Then as this was all coming down lots of pieces of bark also fell down and I suddenly realised this had been going on for a few weeks. I had even had a few land on me.

Some storms had been predicted and I wondered if this why this sudden wind and kicked up? I decided to just do a quick video of the leaves and the bark .. just for information sake.

I have seen droughts before but nothing quite like this which was very weird because this is after one of the wettest winters I have ever seen.

So early Spring grass and plants had a bit of a growth spurt only to end up drying up and dying in places. From one contrast to the other.

Very hot too this year .. though there has been hotter. But it has lasted for days on end and even though a shed load of rain did fall within an hour I wonder if we are going straight back to another long period of drought?

I have also been hearing of some very bizarre temperatures around the poles of this planet too and it is quite a shock. Could be that a series of things all occurring are all inexplicably linked?

I had always planned to do kind of vlog, or more accurately animated talk videos, to upload to YouTube and link to my blogs. But I never got around to it.

Whether I ever will I do not know but as I watch trailers to films I now wonder if I will ever see I seriously doubt it. What with several areas of my health getting worse and my weight reducing by the day I do seriously doubt it at time.

I was a big fan of the DC hero Shazam when I was a kid and now they are giving that character a proper big screen film. I also love Fantastic Beasts and would love to see the next film, Crimes of Grindelwald, along with the others.

I sit in the park below most days and try to work, type, read news articles, look at YouTube videos when my symptoms allow it. Or I just sit ther trying to get over some serious anxiety issues. Or I talk to my daughter while she or I am going through one of our many hells. Or I am having to fend off people asking for money or tobacco which can happen several times a day.

I really cannot get any peace anywhere.

Since I posted up the video below I have had a couple of comments and these occurred fairly swiftly so it seems others have been noticing things. One noticed the drop in insects and another from Germany said it was the same both their and in the Netherlands?!

Starting to wonder if this might be a thing and whether or not they know something they have deliberately not told us about.

Tell everyone the world is going to end, either rapidly, slowly, next year or in twenty years time and the world will stop working and certainly stop paying taxes.

If the rich and powerful are cut off they will not be able to pay for their vehicles to escape the coming tragedy they have deliberately ignored for years to save money and gambled would not happen due to the odds.

That would be about par for the course, don't you think? I have heard for years about scientists complaining about the lack of money and research in fields that could cause a global catastrophe or even an extinction level event.

Asteroids, comets, earthquakes, volcanoes magnetic flip, some occurrence with the sun, continental shift, global pandemic, ice age and the list goes on.

Of course in any event that they escape a coming tragedy they should have protected their people from but ignored you know they will use us to survive, they get to continue on the human race but let us be honest? They wont last more than a bloody year! Lol.

Wonder if it is this global elite group many keep talking about?

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