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There are some things I have just never understood.

There were, to my mind, a number of companies that planned to control the Internet and possibly thinking that they could then control the world.

These things were come at from a number of different angles and with some companies .. several different angles and later on others picked up on this and went at it form new angles.

Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook were the main contenders among many others that appeared to be behaving this way.

What I started to get confused about was this great push to be left. Left as far as their politics were concerned and went out of their way to piss people off to show that they were a leftist organisation or company. They still do this today, though I have a few theories behind the reasoning is some cases, like Twitter for example. A propaganda machine to help the smooth take over of other things without notice until it was too late.

I scratched my head because their public actions said one thing while they private manoeuvrings and attitudes towards a particular .. thing said something else entirely.

This other things was money.

They had big claims regarding socialism and banned people for wrong speak left, right and centre to the point that it went beyond ridiculous. You could get away from saying offensive things if it came form one hymn sheet but were banned if it came from another. Free speech truly was under attack and these Nazi like people adopted the buzzword to call everybody else this. Probably so they could not be labelled as such.

Only a few days ago there were some revelations and it started, at least for me, with a secret video of Twitter admitting that it was being knowingly biased in its treatment of its users, was being political and probably without realising this was going to be seen as wrong and unfair. Because some ideologies really think this is normal and right. Wrong!

I am not sure if anything else came into play but suddenly share prices everywhere just dropped like the proverbial stone. I heard that Facebook dropped by some 25%? At first I did not realize the implications of this until Lionel Nation dropped a link on Twitter about it. In fact he did a bit more than that because something else was revealed too.

Facebook lost $150 Billion in a single day. A single fucking day meaning that Facebook, fuck knows how and no one asks the right questions in these case, they are worth $600 Billion?!

Right so this one self proclaimed leftist company actually has enough money to house all the homeless people right across America and beyond?! Nice!

It gets better as it was soon after announced that Mark Zuckerberg had, had some tip off the crash was coming, which .. I am fairly certain is very illegal? He and others then started to stash things away to save money?!

Yeah because I do not not what you would do if you lost 10% of £600 Billion and only had $6 Billion left. How the fuck would you pay your electric bill at home?!

I am now predicting, even if they did not want to do it and all this crap was for show up until this point which I do ask myself, investigations taking place. Several investigations some of which I have not even thought up as yet.

Yup there was talk of an investigation and bringing in laws to protect free speech on the Internet and I am oh so looking forward to that one! There are going to be a lot of true Nazi types are going to go someone insane over that announcement. Serves the fucking evil bastards right!

Second there will be an investigation into Mark Zuckerberg's actions and syphoning along with his executives.

Now remember? That is just Facebook alone and I dare say there will be investigations of one or more into Twitter and maybe even Google? There might even be others yet?!

Oh how I would like to see these evil greedy companies portraying themselves as something they are clearly not and trying to control the mindset of their own nation along with others actually get their comeuppance! Ooh please, let their be a God!

What has shocked me is how this has not happened previously because it has been so obvious to me for the longest of times that there are some things very, very wrong with these big companies.

Not only do you have to follow their narratives but you also are expected to work for years earning them money until a point that you get to to earn some of then for yourself.

In my book that is slave labour.

No one mentioned it though .. until I was several years into this and Google suddenly moved the goal-posts .. after freezing my ad revenue with no explanation. Despite asking them five times .. it seems they are so aloof and God like they do not have to speak to mere mortals either?!

They do not care about your colour or your culture either. Whether you are fully fit or severely disabled when it comes to exploiting you or using you for this slave labour.

But they moved the goal-posts on YouTube and I thought ..

Right, that's it. I am only taking photos from now on! £10,000 for 4K high quality video, over four years into doing all this and they now go and do this?!”

As it turns out this 'adpocalypse' as they are calling it .. turned out to affect others that already had been making ad revenue on a regular basis. One guy claimed he was down $2,000 (two thousand) each month?! Try explaining that to the mortgage company or bank?!

Sorry .. Google who already made me work for several years for free suddenly decided I was going to lose $2,000 per month!”

I had a disagreement from a member of the family that claimed that the left was good, I was only trying to tell her what had happened with these three companies, because the right treat the working class as slaves. I pointed out that the left were getting people to work for free, if there claims of being socialist companies was correct, and we even had to buy our own tools to fucking do this!

I told her that if she bothered to listen to anyone that made sense .. many companies and people are not what they claimed to be and it would not matter if it were the far-right or the far-left in charge you will end up paying or suffering in one way or another. This is why people are getting fed up with the two party system in America, fed up with the three party system in the UK, though the writing has been on the wall for years with the UK but no one mentions it .. refusing to vote. It is also likely happening in many European countries too?

My daughter and I have been treated with far right attitudes from our government because of our skin colour and we have been treated with far left attitudes from the public services and again because of who we are.

It is not imaginary it is very real and we have both lost weight, have the same health conditions causing us memory problems, pain, black-outs (a court tried to deny I had .. TWICE and my daughter inherited from me) and many areas of pain. My daughter has cancer on top of this I can categorically claim was because of socialism within public services.

They are guilty or equally horrific things and I have not been able to talk about it online .. but rest assured some people I knew many years ago, in their sixties now I imagine, have been experiencing this for themselves. There has been a couple of investigations and now I hear there is another one and if the perpetrator is found out? Ooooh boy!

They have also been doing this for like 13 years or more and I pointed her actions out to the local council at least 12 years ago. Other people more closely involved have been reporting what has been going on for the past couple of years. Nothing has been investigate properly .. because ..

If it was found out the local council would be found guilty of incompetence and a cover up that has been going on for a very, very long time. It will also vindicate me in yet another matter and the media would be all over it. Well at least they should but they do not want to go anywhere near me because many of the injustices against me and my daughter, as well as being allowed to go on, do not fit their narrative and would destroy the current British government.

Now if your a Jeremy Corbyn supporter?

Yeah I have had close to 700,000 visitors and even if none of them contacted Jeremy Corbyn over our situation .. yeah well I have emails from Frank Field MP soo ..

Jeremy Corbyn is full of shit and panders to those who he thinks will help him acquire power and if there is anyone out there suffering the most shocking horrors? Yeah .. don't care.

Most people do something for a living which is why I have harped on and on every now and then about what people do as careers that visit my pages.

  • Journalists
  • People that know Journalists
  • Politicians
  • People that know Politicians
  • Literary Agents
  • People that know Literary Agents
  • Publishers
  • People that know publishers
  • Solicitors with a heart
  • People that know solicitors with a heart
  • Or .. anyone else that will be so horrified at all this that they would either get in touch with me
    • Want to do an interview with me
    • Want to speak and interview my daughter
    • Or lobby for my daughter
    • Setup a crowd funding for my daughter, as I tried and failed to do
    • Contact any r all of the above about my daughter

Not happened as yet.

But I am told there are people out there that care and I so want to believe it.

When I started this I had faith, sorry lol, that most people were kind and caring but as time went on this dwindled or I thought someone was messing with me and my account numbers?

Eventually that percentage of kind and caring people went down to 50%.

It continued to fall.

Loads of bad shit happened and in the end I contacted a number of people that I normally pay attention to.

I then heard of someone I was loosely linked to, by about 20 feet in 1997, and who sounded like me .. at the other end of the spectrum I might add. Groomers to rings, you could say?

I made a few comments and told some short stories.

That percentage continues to dwindle.

But at least I think there must be come decent honest people out there I may have managed to help? I was told I had helped people even in the first year or two that I blogged. So there must be a percentage of them even if it is a miniscule one at least there is hope that I did help others?

Our clocks continue to tick and somewhat loudly these days. A constant reminder of the situation and utter torture and pain we are in and for each of us there is an element that no matter what, we may not be able to do anything about?

Or to put it bluntly .. we could die or continue to suffer pain or memory problems that could just continue to get progressively worse. Leading to just existing in a world and country that has turned into the most evil run of prisons. It may still remain rather unappealing to us.

But I still hold out hope that one day .. we may at least have something happen that make things a little less .. torturous to us?

In the meantime the left needs to take out its own trash and everyone else needs to stop being taken for .. dare I say it .. zuckers?!

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