Saturday, 21 July 2018


Ooh dear ..

It's edging closer and closer but will it break while my daughter and I still live and breath?!

There is talk in reports with both sites of The Canary and The Disability News Service of a scandal that will hit the DWP ..

Covering up the deaths of welfare claimants.

Murder is murder .. it is not reduced to even manslaughter purely because of methods or reasons and if it were anyone else in society carrying out actions when they knowingly know it can lead to death .. this is murder.

Manslaughter is when you cause a death by an action not intended or thought to cause death and normally in cases of serious neglect. Like saving money.

A good example of this is the cladding used in Grenfell Tower.

This talk of a scandal coming out, oh please God say it is so .. yeah OK I am not religious .. but I am desperate lol, at a time that has a weird coincidence to it. Because I read talk about the UK holding a disability summit here?! Say what now?!

A summit? For the disabled?

I certainly hope it is not leaders from other countries looking to save money where they ask Theresa May ..

Foreign Leader: "How did you get away with it?!"

TM: "Oh we spent years putting it into the pubic's heads that they are a drain on society, the financial crisis would end tomorrow if most of them died and there taxes would go down if this happened. Once, of course, we made everyone into amoral twats while working them into the ground"

Foreign Leader: "Just .. putting that into my .. notebook!"

So a summit and a scandal to hit the UK?

You simply cannot make this shit up!

There may come a stage where I myself have nothing to lose as well as nothing to love for and they really, really .. REALLY do not want to put me in that position.

If I lose someone I simply wont want to live any longer and I have gone through so many periods where I think I am going to lose them all that I start fantasising about what I would do when I get angry about it.

I should seek help from anarchists because they would bloody love me if it ever came to this point .. a shame I could not get help beforehand though!

Never have associated with anarchists and .. pretty sure I never met one .. or at least they never admitted it to me if I have.

I would only associate with a group if they were people that believed in true fairness to all and recognised full that which is plain to see. That it is not.

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