Thursday, 26 July 2018


Well that was .. weird and to be frank .. fucking .. annoying!

As if I am not getting enough shit from everyone else of late ..

  • DWP
  • Local Councils
  • NHS
  • British Government
  • Other .. clandestines probably responsible for the above and the following
  • Google
  • Google Adsense
  • WordPress
  • YouTube .. sooo Google for the third time

Leaving me with almost nothing except a bike and a camera I was supposed to use to its full extent last year but did not, thanks to the above.

Not using it to its full extent this year and had everything cut off, including pills that kind of keep me alive and keep me moving I now do not have any more .. they cut off everything I had left soo ..

I uploaded the pictures I did have in the long term plan to sell them.

Because I should have started getting pain by Google about 18 months ago but the money was frozen with no reason provided on one site and the goal posts moved on two other sites.

So I was led down the garden path by everyone and worked my arse off and then got fucked over, cheated, had agreements pulled, and lied to.

So a little earlier, or in fact later depending on your point of view, I uploaded some photographs I had. The hope being that if at some point I could actually sell just one or two that it might show others something but give me some confidence that of late has gone. Completely.

It might give me the push and the energy to get out and get a lot more photos? I have trouble doing this with my health at the nest of times and the important things, like drive and energy, I have also been lacking of late.

It is sooo .. annoying!

So I found Alamy first .. then decided I should use more than one, this turned out to be lengthy and I had no idea who these people are and do not take things on face value.

But a lot of companies and organisations are lying cheating twats, make themselves deliberately aloof while afflicted with a God complex attitude to everyone else. Yeah .. except I am no ones fool.

Oddly as well as the money being frozen the numbers have been acting up for quite awhile now and I wondered how I could put this to the test. So a few days ago I did.

I found a group of people spread across both Twatter and UpYourTube and I started opening up a bit and I put a few links about. They got noticed ..

.. but you would never believe this looking at the numbers .. oooh dear! Ebem my daughter's eyes were opened further.

During this time I was awaiting my photos going through quality control and BOOM! They were all rejected. I sent another lot and the same happened. I sent an email and I had a bit of a moan as I was using very top equipment. Of course the God complex came in and was told that having a top camera does not mean top photos. I said that I was well aware of this but the scrutiny they were putting on 42 mega pixels means that they must reject everyone with 24 mega pixels and below?!

Oddly my next lot got accepted.

Then the next lot got accepted

Then the next lot.

Currently this stands at 58 images in a row that have been accepted?! But wait? Two out of the first six were rejected and that is a success rate of 66.6% out of six images. I then get 100% out of the next 58 images?! How the actual feck?!

It gets worse.

I doscvered that selling photos with buildings in is a little .. tricky, at least here in the UK and I thought, what the hell?! I have one picture of a building, that is going to get rejected on another site?!

Turns out it was the only one out of two dozen accepted?! What the actual fuck?!

Sooo .. test number 2?!

I sent a bunch of pictures up that had been accepted already by Alamy, who like very high resolution pictures. Take a guess at what happened?

They rejected the exact same pictures that Alamy, who I thought were far too brutal with their quality control, had already .. umm .. accepted?!

If you think that is not bad enough I am afriad it gets worse still .. for Adobe Stock who was being unfair bastards ..

Because I accidentally uploaded a set of four pictures twice ..

.. so explain how one whole st was accepted and the other set was rejected for technical issues?!

No your not reading this wrong and your not drunk or have over intoxicated with drugs .. or of you are that is not your problem ..

Yes two sets of four photographs .. the exact same pictures I uploaded twice thanks to my short term memory problems .. one set accepted and the other exact same set .. REJECTED!

Would you believe there is a third site and my photos have been in quality control for like well over a week and closer to ten days?!

That would be Photofolio.

I chose all companies with a base in Britain .. and now thinking they must have been got at too?

Yeah .. no one is getting at me, no? That is why this weird shit keeps happening is it?! Lol.

  • DLA Cancelled unfairly
  • PIP Awarded and then later cancelled unfairly
  • IB Cancelled
  • Talked into working for myself
  • Business Plan Accepted
  • Course attended
  • Business Plan Accepted
  • Sign Off to go Self Employed
  • Week later all agreements pulled by Job Centre/DWP
  • Ad Revenue Frozen on Blog
  • Goal Posts Moved on YouTube
  • UC Credit Cancelled .. not SANCTIONED .. but CANCELLED!
  • Photos curiously rejected
  • Photos on another site rejected, even those accepted by another site
  • Ad Revenue on Google still frozen after more than 18 months?!
So it seems that making millions or billions by getting a shit ton of people to work for years for free seems to be catching on?!

I think that these groups and truthers claiming that the elite and those in power are all evil devil worshippers/satanists as well as running paedophile rings might be onto something?!

A shift towards slave labour on a global scale has come into play and no one seems to be saying anything? Lol.

Do not like paying taxes or wages these people do they?! LMAO!

Like controlling what you do or say though, right?! Nasty evil place the world is and weird that it has taken this long for people to start waking up to it.

And to think I decided to broaden my photography from wildlife to landscape, texture, architecture, abstract, monochrome, modern buildings and anything else I could think up. Fat lot of good that is doing me when they get persnickety over stupid things.

Well I took some screenshots of the photos ..

Sorry but how is anyone with any health or difficulties or even mental health or memory issues supposed to work with this shit?!

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