Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Well here it is then the moment I have been expecting you read about since about 2003!

After my run ins with banks, loans, PPIs and Ombudsman and the bank was Barclays I knew they were up to no good and that the Financial Services Ombudsman were NOT what they made themselves out to be. So I knew it works all come to this especially when I knew a big regression was coming even before my father died.

7,000 complaints per day because of the publics lack of trust and the Siamese Twins think the best way to get through this is to hammer the innocent who have no money and contribute to lie to the very ones who bio longer trust anyone on business or government?!

Whoever said 'start as you mean to carry on'? Ha!

So since this days long past I have been counting down the days when all that I was involved with, predicted and totally ignored over would all come to light.

Also dir all those years I kept all the necessary paperwork on each public office and private company as will as all the Ombudsman and even MPs and kept waiting while collecting.

Not many more reports to go now, lol.

Or are there? I still have a few things to declare myself yet, lol. Couple of months should do it provided another public Office does not take up a month of my time?!


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