Saturday, 11 May 2013


Well after the four day fiasco and money spent attempting running that should have broken down and/or been replaced years ago I decided to give it another go?!

After the really lengthy process of teaching myself how to change an rear axle on a mountain bike I figured it would be much easier on the front wheel now.

This was after reading somewhere that Mountain Bikes bearings should be cleaned and re-greased after every 100 miles. ONE HUNDRED MILES?! Are they JOKING?!

I have been running around on this used Marin Bolinas Ridge, an entry level Marin bike, for nigh on ten years and it was scuffed and had a rusty chain as well as being left outside for years when it was given to me! The only items I had changed on it until this year have been brake pads which I got from Halfords that I have just noticed are very low and have ran out extremely quickly compared to the pads I got with the bike?!

Anyway even with the 100 mile every re-greasing and cleaning seeming a bit much with the fact that you could probably add two zeros to this quite easily for the miles I have covered on this bike I thought maybe I had better do the front wheel too?!

Oddly I have done all this work and yet I still have gears missing that probably need new ones and in all honesty a new bike is in order due to the fact that the walls of the wheel rims cannot have much left in them?!

I realised I did not have anything to clean the front bearings out with so went along to the 99p Store in Enfield as I was sure I had seen WD40 in there. I did indeed find it plus a nother brand with twice the amount so bought that one.

Annoyingly I also saw a sizeable tube of Lithium based Grease which is the same grease that comes with the wheel axles and obviously this was 99p?! When I visited my friends Pet Store on the return home I told them how I had paid £5.99 for grease in Halfords and that I had just seen it for 99p for around two thirds the amount I got from Halfords?!

I am surprised at the differences that the tyres as well as the cleaned and greased bearings have made to the ride of my bike in all honesty. It coasts along really well and fells like a different bike quite literally.

Unfortunately and due to even more fecking SHIT weather just in the nick of time I have been unable to put my theory to the test that these things that needed attention where the main reason I was experiencing more pain than I usually do while riding. Well at any worthwhile distance at any rate and though I did go out because the weather seemingly dropped off and ten minutes up the road and I realised I had been duped. The wind was just as strong as it had been all day and I only really realised how bad when I turned around at 7 miles out to come home!! I tried to take a photo of Rapeseed flowers but the wind was so strong it took me forever as I had to watch while the flowers kept being bent over and touching the ground!

My thighs and calves are currently aching from this endeavour! Groan!

Presently I am still awaiting for Enfield Council to pay the rent they wrongly stopped based on a mistake by the DWP. That is three visits and two emails and I will have to visit their on Monday and lose my rage yet again as it is the only time these people actually take any action is when it is borderline that someone will get hurt.

My anger will be based on the fcat that they are impeding moe from doing other things, as I have actually already explained to them for the most part, but this time I will be waving a letter from the NHS in their faces that is asking me to book an appointment and that I do not even know who it is with or what it is far as I am expecting THREE!

Annoyingly these have time limits on them and we live in a nation os Statutes of Limitations that only apply to us when it takes forever to do anything and the powers that be take forever and do nothing.

I state this due to the call for a Statute of Limitations that has been called upon for the recent celebrity sex scandals and underage children. Here in is the process working in action, bring in another law that protects people with money and power and on this occasion they can perform these vile actions and then get protected by the authorities for years and just long enough that they can no longer be prosecuted for it?!

What kind of a message is that idiot woman sending out by calling for  dreadful law such as this?!

Basically with the money and the legal protection available to them this is none other than a green light for these crimes to go ahead in future and you will see more of it taking place!

Oddly enough this is the one time, and therefore a good reason and TAKE NOTE, that the news and media SHOULD be focusing on celebrity gossip.

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