Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I have been messing around with some affiliating this morning to do with these blogs and I had been gradually getting ever more miffed as according to my Royal Bank of Scotland Digital Banking App my Benefits had not arrived on time yet again?!

However when I checked this via my laptop it was indeed there and all this messing around and sudden vanishing of any form of routine by the public offices, including being turned away two days in a row by Enfield Council, got me thinking.

A bit of a deeper and down think.

There are those times when my mind goes into some kind of puzzle solving mode and becomes fully intent on making a link from one end to the other and this was one of those days.

I was thinking about whether or not this change to Universal Credit was finally coming in, though I have STILL NOT been contacted regarding it, and that was why my Benefit had not arrived.

For the eleventieth millionth time I was thinking about all this benefits that had sprung up over the years and why there had been so many?! I had always been in disagreement with this and thought it an ever more spiralling cost into running things. I always thought it was stupid and I also always thought this of the Disability and Carers section, despite the many people campaigning for it to remain exactly as it was I was in favour of the entire system being scrapped.

But only to be more cost effective, more efficient and MUCH fairer than it was too!

I am not in favour of what they are doing as they are saying one thing and it is clearly obvious to everyone other than themselves who either believe us to be all stupid or that they think that they can say and do what they want as the same idiots always get voted in.

For example David Cameron stating in the House of Commons "we are in favour of the nations best interests".

Utterly ridiculous as the nation would mean the majority of the British Public and that is NOT his actions which renders this a bare-faced lie.

I digress but a good example to bare in mind.

Now this is how I ended up seeing things in my mind's eye this morning.

The DWP has NEVER been fair, nor have many other public offices YES but we will stick to this one.

From the moment an individual walks through their doors or gets into contact with them every single one is automaticall labelled as...


Bare in mind that the real percentage of REAL cheats would be a very small fraction and therefore easy to catch out.... BUT ....

Because the system has NEVER BEEN FAIR, I mean how long has this argument gone of for?!

SO what you get is people that will cheat to survive and this has gone on for an eternity. They are not buying Duck Islands nor Moats with this cash they are merely surviving. They may even manipulate taxes too to a minor degree.

But when these are found out it is portrayed similar to if they had just stolen the Crown Jewels and beheaded old Madge on the way out the door?!

Unfortunately for the current and PREVIOUS government more and more people are losing their jobs and finding this out. Even if they are only on the dole for 6 months to 2 years they are getting a taste of that life and I would guarantee they will not like it one bit.

So only when FORCED to do it another kind of benefit came into play and introduced merely as an after thought. But eventually this would grow so that they would need their own separate building so the costs of managing this spiralled.

This continued purely because those without jobs AND money are treated as less than human, well we get enough of the from the Extremist Muslims who also prefer to target the British Public too.

So we spend our daily lives stabbing each other in the back to keep our jobs, earn more money to provide for our families. We do this because everything is expensive, getting ever more so, prices are fixed, being sold second-hand goods as new, ever rising energy costs and also dodging fines, paying extortionate travel prices while we squeeze into a can of rotten smelly sardines who have not had time to bathe or wipe their arses before they arrive at work?!

Oh dear.

The odd thing is it is this human reaction when the going gets tough to look after numero uno that actually spirals and causes the whole nation to suffer but it has been led to this point and bought on for years purely because the greedy ones at the top fail to treat everyone as human beings.

If you think about it a majority of the people who are pointing the finger at the poor people are this with the money and the business owners and those in their next few tiers down that are not paying enough due to their own greed that is forcing people to behave in this way anyway?!

Hmm I hope that was clearer than MUD?!


You could draw many conclusions from that but I will give you simply TWO that you can dwell on and chew the fat about for a few weeks...

The POTS should stop wasting TIME by calling the Kettles BLACK!

Everyone needs to start treating everyone else like human beings, not just to your face either!!


It can only be started by one group of people and in one way...

You need to hold your hands up and say 'It's a fair COP!'

...and to the MEDIA this includes YOU!

Doubt Me?!

Don't care!

I mean after all, well your system has worked fecking wonders...



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