Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I just received an annoying text to my phone when no one has the number.

As is usual with these companies they think they have an automatic right to have acces to your personal details and communications while your not allowed to have any of theirs, eh GOOGLE?!

This time they are called Provident and I text QUIT to stop the service but it refused go through...WHICH MEANS THEY CHARGE YOU TO STOP THE TEXTS!!

I have 100 free texts and I have not used them so this means these cheeky bastards have got my number illegally, oh do not even get me started it was illegally obtained pure and simple,  and I then went to their site to send them a scathing email only for it to keep refusing due to language, lmao.

Yet again breaking the law and invading privacy is OK but using bad language is a no-no?!

Just like money has become more important than a human life!!

That topsy-turvy world again!

I kept changing spellings and it was three times before it let me send the message. You would never guess what the final word was I had to change before it would let me send it?!...


Wonder if the company is run my religious freaked Americans or some other extreme religious faith?! LOL.

Here is a copy ad paste of the message I sent them and they ended up with my phone number by using trickery and false pretences as I was TRYING to find an Associate Program of a Legal Firm that can help people to link to my site here?!

I simply wanted to find a genuine company to link this blog up with but all I get on the Google Searches, which have become really crap in recent times and I am going to use someone else, is pages and pages of dozens of fake sites or sites asking for money to make money...

...ooh very American!

God!!!! I hate these fecking things!!! If it is a way to make money why do you therefore have to bloody well ask for it?!

It is like me selling a simple and straightforward book on how to make a few million quid in a few months and the buyer buys the book and its first line is sell a book on how to make a million like I just did with explanations on how I did it?!

I am sure ey think money just grows o the money trees only to be found in private gardens of members of the public. ALL HAIL THE MONEY TREE!!


I really, REALLY hate this kind of philosophy and way of thinking I really do and now they have sold my god damn phone number to these PUNKS, Provident Personal Credit, who are now asking for money to stop the badgering texts?!

You know its unspoken but I think that crime now only exists for murderers and honesty. Yup honesty is the new crime in the world while everything else goes?!



Dear Sirs

Get the FECK of my phone you pathetic pieces of trash?!

Hmm you refused to mail my message over inappropriate wording?! HUH wording, oh my word how bloody dreadful and oddly enough as I originally typed below I think there should be a PRISON SENTENCE for your actions!!

Where the HELL did yu get my phone number from?! I am going to sue both YOU and the company that gave you my number!!!

I never get trash like your on my phone at all and there was only one website I gave it to recently and it was NOT to do this?!

Conveniently your bloody QUIT text also does not work!!!

God the day when people like you are LOCKED UP for this behaviour is long, LONG overdue!!


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