Thursday, 30 May 2013


Here is that odd conversation I had regarding that chap who is normally quite chatty, mentioned about wanting to get into publishing and reacting with shock to my telling him about my blogs and having almost 20,000 visitors in 8 months...

Now remember the Job Centre HQ rang me, who I refer to as 'the CAT', and apologised to me for all the cancellations in my Incapacity Benefit and Housing Benefit and I should have asked whether or not that now means my Disability or even Personal Independent Payments when they come around will be reinstated?!

Now I mention this because I hinted to the DWP about what I have done here, though I deliberately mislead them a little, lol. But I have NOT hinted towards it at the council as yet.

I am about to do that with my GP, that is IF I ever get to see him again which I should NEXT WEEK.


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