Thursday, 23 May 2013


I do not recall, well without looking back through posts or reams of paperwork, when this started. But was a fair while back.

In fact shortly after I was refused my DLA claim, I have since started yet another and this time I have informed them I am well aware that my medical records have been altered, I found these people and applied to them.

Now I am pretty sure it was over a year ago now.

Anyway they are supposed to write to me every so often, as they have noted in this letter, but I only ever get a replies to my complaining and accusations, lol.

Anyhoo... in this letter I note that they state they will contact me by the 27th June 2013. How bizarre is that?! Slap bang between the TWO DATES of the court case for my daughter that should come to a conclusion.

This is either the 26th or 28th June.

Now I have not been back over my correspondences with these people and their letters to me to see IF they broke their promises of contacting me or how many times. Those of you that are more inquisitive may already know the answers to this.

But I can assure you that going right into mid July at the EARLIEST I will not be thinking about contacting the Independent Case Examiners.

Bare in mind they are being paid their salaries and it has taken them over a year to read all the letters and study all the applications?! What a couple dozen pieces of paper?!

Salary over £30,000 of the public's taxes? LMAO!

Over a year?

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