Wednesday, 1 May 2013


I have had a series of emails refusing monetisation on videos I uploaded and I have only read about two of them and its so god damn petty and ridiculous I wanted to post about it here.

First off is a Wasp walking up a public sign and it is only partial?! I left a comment and asked YouTube if they or had someone else bought up the rights to WASPS?!

Sorry I have this J, Jonah Jameson image from the first Tobey Maguire Spider-Man film saying he want a nickel for every time someone states a certain word or name. I thin kit was Green Goblin actually.

I was videoing the wasp and not the dmaned sign and in true aloof fashion that has become rife and NOT kept in check and needs to stop I am also NOT ALLOWED to reply to them!

The second one I looked at is with TWO squabbling Wood Pigeons in my garden in a 1 minute 35 second video.

This turns out to be because I was listening to Planet Rock Radio on my DAB player at the time?!

But the video is one minute and thirty five seconds long and added to this the microphone used was only that one on the camera and hardly one that would reproduce quality 24 bit sound?!

I have had to dispute this on both cases and they keep asking me 'do you REALLY want to DO THIS?!' like I will have my hands chopped off if I challenge it. FECK OFF GOOGLE!! Jesus Christ man, try and have some bloody manners when it comes to your users for Christ's sake.


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