Sunday, 26 May 2013


Despite the recent posts whereby I show that the Department of Work and Pensions appearing to fold under in on itself they and the rest of them, outside the NHS, are unaware of TWO things.

Well I say UNAWARE but I have always told them and what they did with this information I do not know and currently I do not care.

This careless nature is in large part because I know whatever they used it for would have been wrong and always has been wrong. Just how they got it wrong is NOT important, just the fact that they did IS.

So for several years I have had pain in my groin and several types from aching, to stinging and even a creepy weeping feeling almost as if I am bleeding though I am not.

Anyway hope to find out some answers soon...

Note how quick this was, from GP to Hospital and now to appointment which is THIS WEEK.

Oddly my rear molar tooth on  my right side is like a wolf in Sheep's clothing...

The pain dies down but every now and then, like every other day, something will spark it off and the pain is quite something and I will get to that in a later post...

...point for mentioning it as that the day I posted my medical records on here was the day that I was being referred to hospital tohave this tooth, another tooth, removed!

I am STILL WAITING for this appointment despite the pain being quite severe and have been trough a whole bottle od Lidocaine and Clove Oil!!

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