Thursday, 30 May 2013


Interesting is first off the response, or lack thereof, and then their REQUEST!

Note that I am not told I am mad but instead asked something, lol.

By the way if you missed it or any other audio etc use the search function for medical records, audio, documents or emails or indeed anything else you may want to find on here.

As always use them to help yourselves if you are having blatant injustices against your or loved ones or indeed if you have a family member lost his legs and back from Iraq who has just been told he gets no help or money because his or her hands and legs STILL WORK!! No that is not some sick joke either, well not mine but maybe the governments, yes or whoever it is that now runs this country. Like Serco possibly or someone else.

Missed that one? Better do that search for audio then had you not?!

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