Thursday, 9 May 2013



A friend came round this morning with an absolute doozey on the laptop I gave him.

He basically had a scam program that shut down his PC with a FALSE message stating it had been accessed by the Police, though they could not decide whether it was Cheshire or Loughton.

The full screen message quoted that he has been accessing child pornography and that he could be liable to a fine of £2,000 to £8,000 but could avoid this by paying a £100 fine and even had a PayPoint account set up?!

Being as he had just had been false charged by the Police because of actions that should never have taken place because the council and DWP have refused to help him with his Autistic and Attention Deficit Disorder child the pressure eventually exploded.

I looked at the screen and new immediately it was a scam. I knew he would never do anything like this and if anyone did they would not be stupid enough to bring the offending item to someone like me and would throw it in the nearest river. He was unconvinced and I pointed out that there would not be FINES for downloading child pornography there would be prison sentences and nothing else. Well unless your a famous celebrity or a rich or even better BOTH. Nor would they message you in this way therefore allowing you to dispose of said evidence.

Then I realised there was the use of bad English used and said it is an overseas scam and they obviously STILL think we have pots of money to do these things, lol, and be scammed, robbed and defrauded left, right and centre. This is the fault of the UK government by continually lying about how we are still something we are not and as well as throwing away our money they give out a message to the rest of the world's heartless and evil criminals come and scam us too as we have loads of cash.

It is also totally illegal to get into your computer in this way with no proof as you could have been J.K Rowling about to finish your first Harry Potter novel and this happens?! I also said that if he has anything like that on his laptop the first he would know of the Police knowing about it would be them bursting in the door and claiming all laptops on the premises.

However, despite saying all this what he had on his laptop was by far the most elaborate scam I had ever witnessed and very bold indeed to fill it with logos and symbols of the British Police Forces and I need to do some research to see if the Police know about it or done anything about it?!

Once he realised all was OK he left the laptop here as I could not see a way around the problem immediately, but first he took me to Halfords to get my skewers after being shocked out how much had gone on the last couple of weeks.

I asked a chap in Halfords about them and he said that they had just sold the last pair after I was in there yesterday?! Then after explaining to this new guy my problem he said "but the axles do not spin" and I disagreed but admitted it was confusing and both me and his colleague, Dave, had changed out minds several times. We disagreed several times before he then put me in my place and showed me and I said "my word your right!"

I explained that the grease came out which confused him and I decided I must have left more of a gap than I thought and will do this by feel. Loosen a fraction, spin the wheel, loosen a fraction, spin the wheel.

That saved my from buying a pair of skewers they had sold out of anyway and after my friend dropped me home I made the necessary adjustments, moved the axle along slightly and boom, all done!

At last now it will damn well stayt like that and if I have STILL done something wrong I will find out the hard way and if I am injured in the process well by then I will probably be able to hire the services of a solicitor of MY CHOOSING?!

Now I just noticed it is pi...pouring down with rain so I am NOT going out for even a test run on the bike and had better place it back in the shed?!


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