Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Well personally I hate it when things take place all of a minute and I am not prepared for it!

This happened today when someone I will call Lotty Obobo-mbingwe  rings me from the Social Care, or Social Workers Department I think she said, and said some wonderful things I did NOT get on tape?!?!


Right now I simply MUST do a search on-line for a piece of software the officially WORKS!

I first off received a slightly sarcastic tone when she said that I have 'now sent TWO emails' when I said well 'yes ... as you filed to answer the first one of course you have two!!'

She was obviously born in Africa and if anything like that last African carer and social worker type woman that visited, NOTE NOT LOOKED AFTER, my late friend Kenneth Bunn who was dying of cancer she was not going to be very bright!


Then I got asked about my care needs and apparently getting places for anything at all is not much of an issue.

However when I stated my line about a soldier returning from Iraq and having mo legs not being an issue she actually said it was a 'low priority' to which I immediately stated that if I had a member of my family in Iraq or Afghanistan at this moment I would IMMEDIATELY start legal proceedings against them for simply saying that in response to my statement!

Then she started talking about how you can have you shopping delivered, which when you THINK about it entirely rules out budgeting and supermarket prices are FIXED as we all know.

Added to this it also COSTS EXTRA ON TOP to have them delivered so no one can afford it.

Also Asda failed twice in a row to arrive with MILK when I had ordered 8 pints of the white stuff?!

A driver from Tesco refused to come to my door from the carp park because I lived down a dark alley and he was scared. Asian man scared of the dark in Enfield in a nice neighbourhood?!

I tore her to pieces as I always do and it ALWAYS goes the same way, probably why they IGNORE ME, and it starts of with airs and graces due to delusions of grandeur (modern day jobsworth fancy title lol) who speak down to me and then get literally taken apart limb by limb and then get lost for words and answers.

It is like I have long since stated on here and stated for many, MANY years. These vampires of society with hearts of stone and sucking the public's taxes dry to the tune of hundreds of millions employ bloody idiots and just tell them to fob people off and tell them how. When it does not work and blows up the poor naive sappy jobsworths take the fall for it while their masters do a runner to another public department and it starts all over again?! Ohh I just thought if a title for that...



I also got to the council offices at 2.30pm and when pressing buttons to get a ticket to ask where my rent was I was intercepted by the woman who turned me away from the offices yesterday...

"EXCUSE ME SIR?! What are you doing?"

Well I stated the obvious like I always do when I am asked fecking stupid questions before she then said...

"Well we have been told to turn people away as there are FAR TOO MANY people in here waiting to be seen and the wait is well over an hour!"

I explained that it was NOT my problem, that this was now TWO DAYS in a row before she interjected and said she told me yesterday to come at 9am and I interjected and waved my walking stick and stated 'NOT THAT EASY and it is NOT 4PM and I am going to get SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF with this as you have had access to information you have no right too which was WRONG information from the DWP who themselves corrected their mistake ten days ago AND even rang me twice to apologise!!'

The tone of her voice and the look changed and she gave me a ticket but said she was sorry but she did not think I would be seen but I could give it a go.

I also said that I had walked there in some considerable pain because they cannot do the jobs they are PAID for and that the weather was crap too and waved both my umbrella in one hand and my walking stick in the other.

I left and did not end up going back in there as I figured by then and with the pain I will just shout the building down causing upper floor staff to run around like headless chickens, security called upon to throw me out and me putting a security guard in intensive care.

Sometimes I feel SURE that is what they are trying to get me to do, mess me about and wind me up until I react so they can then claim me as the villain.

Well it may well work if not for my 14 blogs....ooh wait did I say 14?! Hmm one .. two.. three ....YUP fourteen, lmao.

Now if I was a member of the public with RESOURCES or a leader of a POLITICAL PARTY and IF I actually cared about my country and the people in it then I would ally to the Royal Courts of Justice for a case of serious crimes and fraud against the British People because monies are being taken from the public purse when NO SERVICES are being provided.

Well that is except for the whole army of idiots I have seen walking around singly or in pairs spraying chemicals all over the place whereby there are people dotted about with stalls outside selling fruit and vegetables, people walking their dogs and wildlife nearby that can be seriously and quite possibly FATALLY affected by whatever it is they are laboriously and quite liberally spraying around the place.

In other words doing HARM to the people and wildlife they are paid vast sums of money to protect and serve?!

Now THAT kind of legal action I would gladly PAY to view!!

Where can I buy a front row seat if this ever occurs?!


Oddly I was told that everyone had gone home by Dotty as it was 5pm, damn they are quick out of that building, shot they even only do half a days work for their over bloated salaries.

She told me she would ask her manager the next morning about the things I said and would call me tomorrow...

...so there may YET be another recording going up?! WOOHOO!!

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